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Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym

The Fisher-Price Gym is like no play gym you’ve seen before. With lots of different sensory toys from the top to the bottom, this is every child’s dream gift.

With four different ways to use, from playing on their backs, to tummy time, to sitting up and play to also walking – something for every development stage.

Your baby is in charge as he kicks the piano to activate the music. The toys overhead encourage batting and grasping, including a hippo teether, elephant clackers, rollerball frog and more. When your baby is ready for more you can move the arch down for tummy time or let baby sit up and entertain you with a bit of at home theatre. The piano can be removed for when your child is walking or entertainment during a car journey.

The mat is super comfortable and large.

As your little plays, he will discover many new things and his key developmental skills will get stronger and stronger, the more he uses the mat. As the baby stretches to kick the piano beneath and reaches for the toys above, his gross motor skills enhance. The music and lights will stimulate your baby’s senses too!

The more and more your baby is laid on the mat, the more he will realise that every time he kicks a key, he will be rewarded a fun response them the baby play gym.


What Do Our Mummies Think?

Marrell Johnson –  My little girl absolutely loves this! She’s 9 weeks so I can only comment on the first stage. This has definitely helped her with her coordination as the toys what dangle are lower than her other play-mat it makes it easier for her to be able to actually touch them, well wack them hard and send them flying now. The piano is great and also plays tunes with different settings. My little girl has 3 playmates and this is by far her favourite. I am looking forward to this play-mat growing with her with the next stages!

Natalie CooperMy boy has this he loved it, now he’s 8months he has the piano off and enjoys playing that. He loved kicking on the piano when it was attached to the mat.

Andy Mac –  My little girl LOVES this!!!! She is 15 weeks old and has it about 5/6 weeks and just as others have mentioned, she loves to kick the piano and touch or hit off the things dangling. They can be swapped around or you can hang other things in their place! What’s great too is the music can be put on a constant setting for about ten minutes and it’s brilliant!! Once she kicks the piano it starts playing again . She lies happily on this for about 20minutes at a go a few times a day kicking, smiling at herself in the mirror (her favourite thing!!!!!!) and touching the toys. ! It’s been invaluable to me as she is quite a clingy baby so I would 100% recommend it!!

Chloe Reece –  My little girl is 12 weeks old and loves this. Always smiling away to the music as she kicks the buttons. Hers is a different version to the one in the picture you’ve shown. I would definitely recommend to other parents as the toys are so easy to grab and there is two settings for the music.

If this is something you want to give a try, we found it here.

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