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Have You Seen the Stitch Primark Collection yet?

We can guarantee that even if you aren't a Stitch fan, you will know someone who is!

The Disney movie Lilo and Stitch has had a resurgence over recent years with this summer seeing one of the high streets most popular stores, Primark release an entire collection of Stitch goodies. As we head into the autumn months the popularity of Stitch merch shows no sign of slowing with new products landing on an almost weekly basis.

Whilst we were in our local store, we took as many photos as possible to show you just what is on offer. We do get some funny looks when we're waiting patiently for people to move out of the way or when we're busy tidying up a shelf or rail to ensure we get the perfect shot.

So if you are a Stitch fan, or perhaps you are buying for a Stitch fan this Christmas, then have a scroll through this post and check out what's on offer in the Stitch Primark collection.

Of course we guarantee that all of these items will be available in your local store but you never know, you might even find some better pieces!

Check out these Stitch Primark goodies below...

Stitch Pom Pom Hat


Stitch Denim Pinafore & Tee Set

Love this little pinafore dress and tee set. In a lovely soft denim and adjustable straps, it's a dress that can be worn over and over again. The matching tee is very cute with Stitch prints all over. 


Stitch Cami Vests

My daughter thought these Stitch cami vests were so sweet. Perrfect for popping underneath their school uniform when the weather gets colder.


Stitch Pink Hoodie


Stitch Backpack

In a lovely quited material, this soft blule backpack is a fab bag for school, gym or staying at Grannie's house.


Stitch Jumper & Bag

Is there anything better than an oversized sweatshirt? Yes, an oversized Stitch sweatshirt!


Stitch Pyjamas

Traditional meets Disney in these gorgeous, soft PJs. 


 Stitch Hot Water Bottle Cover

Cuddly and warm, yes that's Stitch!! 


Stitch Sweatshirt & Bag


Stitch Nightdress

For those of you who prefer to sleep in a nightie.


Stitch Trainers

We couldn't get enough of these Stitch canvas trainers! Super cute and look at that chunky sole.


Stitch Mobile Phone Case


Stitch Water Bottle


Stitch Make Up Bag


Stitch Bag


Stitch Pyjamas


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