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Keep the Germs away from your little one with these Hanging Signs

Keep unwanted germs from strangers away from your little one with these hanging signs.

The signs easily clip onto little one’s car seat/pram or pushchair and they’ll be a polite reminder for anyone to keep their germs/hands away from your precious little one.

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Each sign comes with a black velcro strap to secure around the handle of a car seat or to the sides of the pram / buggy / pushchair.

The signs are a simple reminder to others that babies can be interacted with without the need to bring germs near them.

They come in various designs and colours to suit your taste.


Get it here*

So many mums have left positive feedback when using these signs with premature / newborn / unwell babies in order to help protect them from germs and viruses.

Here are some of the five star reviews that have been left on the Print4You Etsy page:

Lauren said: “Beautiful sign for my car seat or buggy to politely keep unwanted hands at bay during the current pandemic. Great quality and design I love it!!”

Rebecca said: “Love my sign, perfect for letting people know not to touch our baby when she’s born! Wish I had with my first born, you’d be surprised how many people touch baby’s face or hands etc, and I mean random people you don’t know! Love it.”

Natalie said: “Absolutely love this. Bought two one for car seat and one for push chair. Made really well and lovely design. Has the desired effect. Very happy with my purchase.”

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