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Marvellous Musical Instruments for Little Hands

If you’re looking to encourage your mini-musical maestro, check out some of these marvellous musical instruments for little hands.


Music plays a huge part in our little one’s lives. We sing lullabies to soothe them from the day they are born and toddlers can usually recognise, and join in with, nursery rhymes well before being able to create and verbalise their own sentences. When you add in that all the shaking, hitting and plucking of musical instruments can help to develop their motor skills, and enables tots to get creative – music offers a great opportunity to learn but more importantly, have fun!


Korg Tinypiano Digital Toy Piano

This mini toy piano is absolutely adorable. It’s just at the right height for little ones to sit and have a go at pressing the keys to make sounds- it comes in different colours too.

Credit: Korg*

Find yours here*

Personalised Grey Toy Guitar

This personalised toy guitar would be great for older tots who’ll enjoy rocking out! Under your supervision, there’s no reason why you couldn’t introduce the instrument to a little one.

Credit: My First Years*

Find yours here*

Wooden Egg Shakers & Bells

Perfect for all ages – try shaking the these to their favourite nursery rhyme or play ‘Copy Me’ with them.

Credit: Achildswork*

Find yours here*

Personalised Colourful Wooden Xylophone Toy

Little ones will just love the bright colours and the different sounds they’ll be able to make with this wooden xylophone. It can be personalised which makes it a wonderful gift.

Credit: My First Years*

Find yours here*

Rainbow Music Bells

Each bell plays a different note and you can even follow the song sheet to play and sing their favourite nursery rhymes. Happy ringing!

Credit: Tobar*

Find yours here*

Halilit Baby Drum

Bang out their favourite tune and have a sing-song while letting them learn all about rhythm with this sweet toy drum.

Credit: Argos*

Find yours here*

Early Learning Centre Musical Footsteps

Dancing feet will feel the beat with this musical floor keyboard. Keep them active and see what tunes you can create together.

Credit: ELC*

Find yours here*

Halilit Baby Band

This set is perfect for little hands and has everything you’ll need for your little boogie-bug. It even comes with its own bag to keep everything together when not in use.

Credit: Jojo Maman Bébé*

Find yours here*

There are so many ways to you help your little one develop a love of music which will help develop the motor skills, creativity and patience as they grow. Which instrument would your little one enjoy? Let us know in the comments below.



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