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Personalised Your Own Egg Holder - Etsy Find Of The Day

Heyyy my beautiful reader!

Like Arts and Craft? Looking for something to do with your children or grandchildren this Easter Holiday?

If you’re someone who enjoys getting messy with the paint and doesn’t really mind making those memories. How about this? Personally this is such a fun and easy idea.

Something to bring our their inner creativity and, also, give you a little piece and quiet.

Click image for source.

Such a wonderful idea. You could maybe use paints, papier mache or use lots of glue to stick all sorts onto your chosen holder. 100% customisable. 100%  unique.

Sadly the eggs aren’t provided. So be sure to stock up!

If you love this idea, then follow the link here.

Here at Bump, Baby and You, we hope that you have a fantastic Easter and that it’s been a perfect one for you.

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