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Product Review: FreshX Toilet Tissue Spritz

Wet wipes have fallen out of favour with so many people globally, for valid reasons.

First of all, whilst they're mega convenient, they're just terrible for the planet - and yes, even the 'biodegradable' ones can clog up the sewers. We do like alternative products along the lines of reusable wipes, they have their place, but they can be a bit bulky to carry around when out and about. What would be a suitable middleground solution, then?

This is where FreshX comes in - their tissue toilet spritz is an absolute game changer and we're really excited to share this product review with you.

What is FreshX Tissue Toilet Spritz?

FreshX is a great wet wipe alternative product - each 50ml bottle creates up to 100 fresh wipes which saves more than 2 packs of wet wipes per bottle used from going into landfill or blocking sewers! It's 100% flushable and biodegradable (the packaging is recyclable), as well as being incredibly convenient as it's such a small bottle making it very portable. All you need to do is spritz your tissue, wipe and flush!

Most of us are aware that sometimes, toilet paper just isn't enough, especially with mucky children who are prone to messes, and if they get a poorly tummy, it's not nice for them to be left with any residue after being wiped with dry tissue - this could irritate their skin and leave them feeling even worse. FreshX is an extra little touch to get them fully clean, and because it's free from nasties such as alcohol, parabens and phenoxyethonal, it's unlikely to cause any irritation. We also love that it's packed with botanicals, vitamin E and vitamin B5!

Our experience...

We tried out the family pack. It contains 3 x 50ml spray top bottles in different varieties; aloe vera, unfragranced, and coconut oil. Our instant impression was that the bottles are really light and easy to pop into a handbag to carry around.


We visited a local nature reserve and parkland site, with a sandpit area and mudkitchens - and this time, we left the wetwipes at home!


As you can see, my son really got stuck into that rich, thick clay mud in the mudkitchen area and usually, it would take a LOT of wet wipes to clean his hands - there's no tap nearby, and with sensory issues stemming from SEN, making him wait to wash his hands would be a struggle. We're really pleased to say, it only took a few spritzes of FreshX and three sheets of kitchen paper to clean this extremely thick and gloopy mud off his hands!


We also used FreshX to create wipes to remove sand from my son's feet after his foray in the sandpit - he absolutely LOVES sand, but can't cope with it when it gets between his toes. Dry brushing/wiping is sensory hell, so we always need a damp wipe to help. We don't have an after photo here but we're so happy to say, we only needed a few spritzes and two sheets of kitchen paper to get the worst of the sand from between his toes, rather than using plastic-based baby wipes that end up in landfill.

For those of you with messy children, if you're sick of using wetwipes constantly, then this really is a great solution for you, especially if you're also prone to forgetting the wetwipes when packing your bag for trips out and about. Let's be real - dry tissue isn't always effective for those sticky, gross situations, and you can never guarantee good-quality tissue that isn't as thin as parchment paper. We've all been there - cheap, 1ply tissue that takes forever to clean their bottoms and wipe up messes! Well, the FreshX spray adds just enough moisture to any dry tissue to give it an extra 'edge' and support you in cleaning up messes that need a little moisture to rectify.

Covenience rating:

10 out of 10 for us! The compact size makes it really easy to pop a bottle in a handbag or changing bag of any size, saving space, and also bear in mind that these bottles are lighter than a pack of wipes. Spray, wipe, go! There's no faffing around pulling wipes out of the pack, and attempting to do so without pulling half of the back out at the same time (we've all been there).

Effectiveness rating:

We were really surprised to see how little FreshX it took to moisten a dry tissue. My son is prone to toileting messes, and it often involves us having to either use tap water to dampen toilet paper (making a soggy mess), or wetwipes. We then need to use MORE dry tissue after to dry the area - which is wasteful. FreshX spritz dampens just enough to wipe up nasty messes and residue, but dries very quickly removing any need to dry the area off. So, for us it's 10/10 but this may vary depending on your own specific messes.

Value rating:

When you consider how many sprays you get from each bottle, and work out the value compared to wipes, we'd say that the value is 10 out of 10. Each bottle makes up to 100 wetwipes and the average pack of wetwipes is roughly 50-60, and when you factor in the added convenience, and removal of the need to put dirty wetwipes in your bathroom bin, plus removing the risk that someone accidentally flushes a wetwipe in your house and causes a blockage, the value for money is absolutely brilliant.

Overall verdict...

FreshX Spritz is a massive gamechanger for so many reasons. We're so keen to cut back on how many wetwipes we use, but for messy kids, very often it's the case that plain old dry tissue just doesn't cut it. FreshX bridges the gap and allows you to create your own wetwipes, with handy little bottles that pack more punch than meets the eye! We're definitely fans and will always have a bottle of FreshX Spritz in our handbag from now on.

You can buy your own FreshX Spritz here!*

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