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Splash About All In One Swimsuits - Review

Splash About swimsuits are all about protecting your children from the blaring sun and the UV rays it puts out.

If you have a child that has sensitive skin or Eczema, finding something that isn’t harsh on your child’s skin is a daunting task for most parents.

If you are a worrying about what your baby can wear this summer – Sit down, get a cuppa, because Splash About have done all the hard work for you!

Designed for children who suffer with Eczema or sensitive skin, finding clothing that is right for their skin is a massive priority when swimsuit shopping. Made from a Nylon Lycra mix, spruced up with an extra UPF 50+ sun protection, the swimsuits insures protection on your children’s sensitive skin.

Flexible and the suits hold onto the Eczema cream that you may decide to pop on before a swim.

All the swimsuits in this section have high neck’s, long legs and long arms – Providing the maximum coverage a costume can give.

Free from any rough or scratchy fibres, making these the best on the market for sensitive babies.

On the back, each swimsuit has a set of poppers that make it easy for fastening quickly, if you have a toddler you’ll understand. Also another set which are located under the legs for rapid nappy changing.

If you’ve been ripping your hair out trying to find something compatible but safe for your child, then these are perfect for your growing family.

You can view more available designs here.

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