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The Best Home Storage at Dunelm

If you're in need of a spring furniture revamp at home, now is your time to check out Dunelm.

We're impressed by the huge range of storage options at Dunelm - there's so many different styles, from contemporary to classic, cosy to multi purpose, and something for every taste. The balance between excellent quality and amazingly affordable prices really adds to the appeal, on top of their fabulous range of styles. So for those of you in the market for a refurnishing project, our favourite finds at Dunelm may inspire you...

Living room Storage


Clever, modern storage solutions are a great way to refresh your living room decor. This gorgeous Futon Pine Ladder Shelf TV Unit is sleek and minimalist but also allows you to discreetly store things in the cupboard units, as well as display photographs and ornaments on top. For shoes, this Woven Stripe Natural Storage Bench is versatile and great for discreet storage, and a place for the kids to sit to do their laces.

How about a storage coffee table? This neutral, modern Holland Ivory Tray Table Ottoman Sherpa is a fantastic find and super versatile, allowing you to store brickabrack! Finally, for a cosy foot rest that doubles as storage,we love the Medium Round Velvet Storage Pouffe.

  1. Buy the Fulton Pine Ladder Shelf TV Unit for TVs up to 55"*
  2. Buy the Wooden Storage Bench, Woven Stripe Natural*
  3. Buy the Holland Ivory Tray Table Ottoman Sherpa*
  4. Buy the Medium Round Velvet Storage Pouffe*

Bathroom Storage


For your bathroom essentials and keeping your bathroom organised, Dunelm have you covered with their bathroom storage solutions. We've purchased the Scallop Under Sink Unit to store our tooth brushes and other toiletries in a tidy manner, and it looks fantastic! This Modern Luxe 2 Tier Mirrored Storage Tray is another beautiful find for those of you who like to style out your skincare routine products. We're also finding that Nautical Ladder Shelves are bang on-trend once again, and these are the best price we've seen. Finally, as styled on the Dunelm Instagram, this Heart and Soul Scalloped Laundry Basket is a classic design that is made to last and forever look chic.

  1. Buy the Scallop Under Sink Unit*
  2. Buy the Modern Luxe 2 Tier Mirrored Storage Tray*
  3. Buy the Nautical Ladder Shelves*
  4. Buy the Heart and Soul Scalloped Laundry Basket* 
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Kitchen Storage


Dunelm really set the bar high with their excellent kitchen storage options! The Smart Industrial Corner Storage Rack is one of our favourite finds, it's perfect for anyone needing overflow storage space - for those of you with smaller kitchens, perhaps. We also really like the modern, sleek 5 Piece Kitchen Storage Set, it would look fabulous in most kitchens. Cooking aficionados might want to treat themselves to this gorgeous copper Tower Cavaletto 12 Jar Spice Rack Set - could it be the perfect Mother's Day gift? Or how about the Home Made Glass Jar in 1.8L capacity - we know that a lot of our community love to bake their own homemade treats, and this is a fabulous storage solution for cookies, macarons, and every other goodie you bake.

  1. Buy the Black Smart Industrial Corner Storage Rack*
  2. Buy the 5 Piece Kitchen Storage Set White*
  3. Buy the Tower Cavaletto 12 Jar Spice Rack Set*
  4. Buy the Home Made Glass Jar 1.8L*

Bedroom Storage


Does anybody really need an excuse to refurbish their bedroom?! At Dunelm, you can treat yourself to some new bedroom storage without breaking the bank. This stunning and modern Georgi Wide  Drawer Chest is one of our favourites - so much storage, and such a unique style! There's also a lot to be said for Ottoman bed, and this Loxley Ottoman Bed Frame is not only a fantastic price but it also could store so much - shoes, old clothes, anything that's in your way. Our eyes were also caught by this Genoa Window Seat in a lovely chenille fabric, it's a great book storage option that doubles as a book nook seat. You could also get an Ottoman for the end of your bed, as it's a nice finishing touch detail and gives you another discreet storage option, which is why this Velvet Rectangular Ottoman is a popular purchase.

  1. Buy the Georgi Wide 6 Drawer Chest*
  2. Buy the Loxley Velvet Ottoman Bed Frame*
  3. Genoa Window Seat, Chenille*
  4. Buy the Velvet Rectangular Ottoman*

Nursery & Kids Storage


For a nursery or older children's bedroom, you have so many wonderful storage options at Dunelm. There's so many imaginative styles like this Rocket Shelf, Ochre Stripe Toy Storage Bag, and Dinosaur Rattan Basket (how gorgeous!), and for an Up! themed bedroom, this Balloon Wall Shelf really caught our eye too.

  1. Buy the Kids Rocket Shelf*
  2. Buy the Kids Fabric Ochre Stripe Toy Storage Bag*
  3. Buy the Balloon Wall Shelf*
  4. Buy the Dinosaur Rattan Storage Basket*
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These Dunelm storage finds are also ideal for a playroom - storing books, games and toys can be tricky with messy kids! We adore the Reese Bookcase with Toy Box - such a versatile solution - and the Obaby Maya Shelf which would be so useful mounted over a changing table. For bricks, lego and play kitchen accessories, we spotted the Plastic Organiser in White & Light Wood, giving it a minimal Scandi look which we love. For mini book worms, this Amber Wall Mounted Book Shelf will maximise space for play time!

  1. Buy the Kids Reese Bookcase with Toy Box*
  2. Buy the Obaby Maya Shelf*
  3. Buy the Kids Plastic Organiser, White & Light Wood*
  4. Buy the Kids Amber Wall Mounted Book Shelf*

Garden Storage


Spring is in the air, so it's time to reclaim your garden space! If you and the kids enjoy growing your own plants, this cute Timber Cream GroZone Greenhouse from Dunelm is a space saving option, but perfect for germinating your seeds and saplings. Garden storage is so important for keeping your tools and toys tidy, and we really like this stylish looking Florenity Galaxy Garden Storage Bench for discreet storage, as well as this Contemporary 42cm Round Copper Log Holder for keeping your logs tidy. Entertaining your guests could also be made easier with this fabulous Verdi Drinks Trolley - it's perfect for moving around drinks, snacks, plates and bowls.

  1. Buy the Timber Cream GroZone Greenhouse*
  2. Buy the Florenity Galaxy Garden Storage Bench*
  3. Buy the Contemporary 42cm Round Copper Log Holder*
  4. Buy the Verdi Drinks Trolley*

Our verdict...

Dunelm is our favourite place to go for all things home - especially storage. No matter which room we're focusing on refurbishing, we're always able to find something impressive, well made and affordable during our Dunelm trips, and this time is no different. We hope that this has inspired those of you on the lookout for new storage solutions for your family home!

**Advertorial content - written in paid partnership with Dunelm**

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