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We Love Aldi Price Match at Tesco!

Written in paid partnership with Tesco

As if we needed any more reasons to shop at Tesco...

Savvy shopper? Simply sick of flitting between supermarkets to get the best value and variety with your grocery essentials? Well, you need to read about this!

Tesco are doing an Aldi price match promotion that is set to save you lots of time as well as adding to the huge convenience of there being every concievable thing you'll ever need under one roof at Tesco... Instead of flitting between different supermarkets, you can now rest easy in the knowledge that you're not missing out on value by only sticking to Tesco.

We went shopping at our local branches of Tesco and Aldi to get an idea of what to look out for, and to see how easy it was to spot grocery staples that are included in the Price Match offer. We were very pleasantly surprised to find it very easy to spot included products, and happily scanned away with our 'scan as you shop' device - if you've never used one, you NEED to sign up for a Tesco Clubcard*! It is a game-changer, without a doubt.

Shop the Aldi price match items here*


Tesco's own brand Greek style yoghurt was included in the Aldi Price Match (price correct at time of publication). We needed to get some new school uniform pieces as well as make up, neither of which we could get at Aldi. The price match offer means that we didn't have to waste fuel driving to two supermarkets on our trip - amazing!


We loved that the bananas at Tesco are included in the Aldi Price Match - price correct at time of publication. For families with children who get through more bananas than the monkey families at London Zoo, you'll benefit from this great deal... Every little helps, right?


Do your kids love chocolate digestives as much as mine do? Well, we're pleased to see that they're included in the Aldi price match at Tesco! They're so yummy, too. The price was correct at the time of publication.


This breakfast staple is part of the price match deal too - if your famly get through box upon box of cereal each week, then this is a great deal for you. The price we spotted was correct at the time of publication.


Family dinner feasts needn't break the bank when you can get rice at this price. Indian, Mexican, Chinese - you can also get sides and sundries for these dinners more easily, with a greater selection of sauces and to meet more dietary requirements at Tesco. Winner! This great price was correct at the time of publication.


Apple juice is a breakfast staple for many of us, but can sometimes seem pricey. Not at Tesco! We spotted loads of other great grocery picks that are also part of the Aldi price match.


As well as these salad picks and this delicous cheese, we spotted other important daily essentials and staples included in the Aldi Price Match. Branded tea, coffee, bread and jelly pots (perfect for packed school lunches) are also included, as well as hundreds of Tesco own-brand products. These prices were all correct at the time of publication.


These finds were all also included in the Aldi Price Match - there's so much to choose from at Tesco! All prices were correct at the time of publication.

Reasons to shop at Tesco...

As well as the price matching with Aldi, if you register for a Tesco Clubcard*, you can access lots of great deals, savings and other perks with your Clubcard points, something that you don't get with an Aldi shop. This makes the price matching with Aldi even better value for money, especially for families, as you can use your points as vouchers on future shops, or towards theme park tickets and other exciting things. In December, we saved a whopping £75 on a Christmas shopping spree - originally £200 - through Clubcard deals!

We also love that when you sign up for a Clubcard, you can access the 'scan as you shop' devices at larger stores. They make your weekly grocery shop even more convenient, and you can then bag your shopping at your own pace in the designated 'scan as you shop section' without the exertion of putting everything onto the belt and back into your trolley. Even if you don't use the 'scan as you shop' option, you are under far less pressure to pack quickly at Tesco with your kids screaming for a snack - I'm sure many of you Aldi shoppers will understand what I mean! 

Shop the Aldi price match items here*

Our Verdict...

For busy families who struggle for time and patience when it comes to running around between different supermarkets for the best deals, Tesco have really impressed us with their Aldi price matching on so many staple grocery items. Tesco are already the 'King of Convenience' - clothing, homeware, toys, technology, food and much more under one roof - the price match deal is one more fantastic reason why you should choose to shop at Tesco.

Sign up for a Tesco Clubcard here*

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