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What Is A LapBaby - Review

If you’re a busy parent, working from home or just want to eat your tea with a knife and fork again. The LapBaby was created to help where you need it most. And it’s amazing!

The Lap Baby is one of the easiest things you’ll use for convenience, taking two seconds to put on. It’s brilliantly light, portable and can be put anywhere!

It’s also free from harmful chemicals and allergens so is perfectly soft and gentle on your babies sensitive skin.

With key components like a strap to attach a toy or teether so you little one has something to keep their hands busy. Not to mention a fancy extendable, waterproof cloth to protect your clothes and theirs, from any mess.

Why you need one:

  • Suitable from the ages of 3 months old.
  • Uncomplicated to use, fit and wear.
  • Secure and comfortable for both parent and baby.
  • Comes with it’s own bag for travel and storage, also easy to pack back away after use.
  • Extendable, detachable and wipe-clean lap cloth.
  • Material clip to attach any toys or soothers.
  • Close contact for anxious babies.

I was given one by a lovely woman (who is now my boss) and I used mine religiously for a good amount of months. It stopped when my daughter was gaining her independence and didn’t want to sit on me anymore, but it was a fantastic gift which has now seen better days!

From personal experience it’s easy to use and I’m really daft. I found it was easy to pop up, get my daughter seated and get my work completed.

If you have a child who is not happen when they are not in your arms, then the LapBaby would be perfect for you! Best thing I owned with a new baby in my life.

You can purchase your own LapBaby, here.

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