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Who Is Ewan The Dream Sheep?

When you’re a first time Mum, you don’t really know what to expect. Your baby is a new human being with their own likes and hates. And it can be really hard trying to understand the likes from someone can’t speak.

I was a first time Mum a year ago and I totally understand how hard it can be. You’ve already fed, burped and changed your baby, but they still cry. You’re tired, you have matchsticks on your eyes and a sore back from all the rocking, but they still cry.

Trying to find what your baby does like can prove a challenge. One day they like something but another day they can give you the look and you just know, you’re in for a treat and it’s going to be a bad night.

So like any sleep deprived person would do and I googled ‘What can I do to help my baby sleep?!!!!’ and I stumbled across Ewan The Dream Sheep.


He is perfect for creating soothing noises to calm and relax babies. He also emits a soft pink coloured glow to re-enact the sense of the womb. He can be used as a handheld toy, or with his Velcro tail he can be attached to the side of the cot.

He plays a 20 minute soundtrack that combines vacuum cleaner, rain and harp recordings together with a womb and heart beat sequence to help baby sleep.


I went to the parents over on our support group and asked them for their personal opinion. I got a mixed feedback but mostly people agreed that they loved using him. You can make your decision:

Tara Rees said,  ‘We got one when our little boy was 10 weeks old. He had colic so thought it would help settle him. The first night, it was like a different baby was in his crib, sound asleep in 10 minutes! He’s 14 weeks now and it’s still working, although he tries to grab Ewan now!’

Hayley Elliott said,  We had one from birth and it never helped my little girl, we tried it for a few weeks and it didn’t help us at all, not a good review I know but an honest one.’

Sophie Mills said,  My little girl loves hers and it does help her to sleep, the only negative thing I have to say is that it doesn’t last long. I have to go back and turn it back on after about 15-20 minutes.’

Georgia Rowlinson said, My boy like it, however batteries on mine lasted a week so never changed them again, I suppose it goes against self settling and allows babies to only sleep when hearing these noises? Just a personal opinion.’


The sad thing is, poor Ewan isn’t able to go into the washing machine. He needs to be wiped clean, which, can sometimes be a little hard with a sicky baby.

Although he doesn’t do anything different from an app or YouTube, with Ewan you are giving your child a friend for life. A cuddly teddy with everything in it to help soothe your baby.

Ewan comes in velvet or grey! You can own your own little lamby, by clicking here.

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