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whirli toy subscription

Why We LOVE Whirli

Do you find that you spend a fortune on toys that hardly get much playtime? Well, Whirli are the answer!

Whether you’re fed up of your house looking like a bull set loose in a toys shop, or perhaps you’re an environmentalist wanting to optimise your plastic use (think plastic, wrapping and landfill), Whirli is an absolutely genius idea that will change the way your children play. We HAD to share it with you all as it is such a seriously genius concept…

What is Whirli?

Whirli is the only toy sharing subscription around. It is an affordable and sustainable alternative to buying toys and activities for your children, and it is SO easy to use!

All you need to do is subscribe to a plan, each of which gives you a specific number of tokens, and use these tokens for unlimited playtime with the chosen toys. Once you’re done, you send them back for a token refund, and you can then reuse the tokens on something new. This prevents toys from being cast aside and forgotten about, and eventually going to landfill! It also adds variety and excitement to your child’s toy options – you can create new ‘invitations to play’ on a regular basis without having to spend a fortune on toys!

If you join, you can get 15% off with the code TDAFF15*! Check out our unboxing video if you’re tempted.



The range of toys that Whirli has in stock is enormous, and they cater for children up until around 8 years of age which is fabulous. Oh, and any toy that your child seriously loves is theirs to keep forever after 8 months! Why not give it a ‘Whirli’?

How do Whirli sanitise their toys?

One of the biggest questions asked by the parents in our community was… how do Whirli keep their toys clean and germ-free for the next child? Well, their sanitising system is rigorous and ensures that toys don’t pass nasty bugs to the next child.

All toys returned to their central facility and sanitised with Milton, safety checked to ensure there are no breakages, and made ready for the next child to play with. Whirli ensures all toys meet UK and EU safety standards, and reckon that their toy collection is ‘probably cleaner than the second-hand toys at school and day care’.

How much does Whirli cost?

Each token you get with your Whirli subscription equals £1 retail price, so a toy that you can purchase at a shop for £20 is worth 20 tokens. There are a few different Whirli plans, each of which have a different token allowance – you can choose monthly, half-yearly, and yearly. It works out cheaper per month to go for the longer plans!

  • Toy Sack: £9.99 a month, £53.94 half-yearly, £95.88 yearly – up to 80 tokens.
  • Toy Box: £14.99 a month, £80.94 half-yearly, £143.99 yearly – up to 120 tokens.
  • Toy Trunk: £19.99 a month, £107.94 half-yearly, £191.88 yearly – up to 160 tokens.
  • Toy Chest: £29.99 a month, £161.94 half-yearly, £287.88 yearly – up to 240 tokens.

(Note – you only get your FULL token allowance on the monthly plans after the first 3 introductory months)


Delivery and Swaps

When your kids decide they’re bored of their latest Whirli toy, a standard return and delivery costs £3.49 each way and Whirli only ever charge what it costs them. You can upgrade to the Delivery Booster for £6 a month and the use of this is unlimited!

Can I give Whirli as a gift?

Yes, you can give a Whirli subscription to someone as a gift – this is a great idea for anyone unsure what a child would enjoy playing with. As a subscriber, you get 15% off gift purchases too, which is great. All you need to do is send a Whirli gift card or e-voucher that can be redeemed against any current online subscription, or gift toys that can be played with immediately and come with a gift voucher that can be redeemed to do a swap. Find out more here*.

You can also refer friends to Whirli as a subscriber and get £20 credited to your account as well as your friend getting £5 or 15% – whichever is greater – off their first order. Find out more about this here*.

Our Verdict…

We think that Whirli is a total game changer! As parents who know all too well the frustration of spending money on lovely toys that aren’t loved anywhere near enough, we think that Whirli will save not only money, but also space at home in your toy box and also the environment – just think about how much plastic gets sent to landfill via unloved toys each year! Save the planet, your bank balance and time sorting unloved toys with Whirli. Give it a Whirl-i.

And remember – If you join, you can get 15% off with the code TDAFF15*!


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