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10 Flippin’ Brilliant ‘Must-Haves’ For Pancake Day

by Yvette Embleton

This year, the beloved British tradition of Pancake Day falls on Tuesday 25th February. If you’re planning to celebrate, check out these 10 flippin’ brilliant ‘must-haves’ for Pancake Day.


Who’d have thought a simple concoction of flour, eggs, and milk could deliver such a versatile and tasty treat. Whether you enjoy slathering them in chocolate or enjoy exploring savoury options, you’ll love these ten ways to improve your Pancake Day.

Tefal Peppa Pig Pan

If your little piggy loves tucking into pancakes, they’ll be so excited about this. We’ve found a pan that enables you to create perfect Peppa Pig shaped pancakes. If you want to grab one, you’ll have to be quick and head to your local Asda.

Credit: Dansway Gifts UK

Tefal Sausage Dog Pancake Pan

Make cute sausage dog pancakes with this fun pan from Tefal. Use the squeezy bottle to fill in the gaps and watch as your dog pancake comes to life – Woof!

Credit: Studio*

Find yours here*

Haufson Animal Characters Pancake Pan

Which one will your little one choose to eat first? Make seven adorable and delicious pancakes in one go with this super fun pan.

Credit: HF Haufson*

Find yours here*

Lakeland Mini Electric Pancake Maker Silver

Calling all pancake-perfectionists! If you really appreciate all your pancakes looking the same size and shape – this is for you.

Credit: Lakeland*

Find yours here*

Tasty Sauces
Percy Pig Dessert Sauce

The scrummy taste of Percy Pigs in a squeeze bottle – we can’t wait to try this out.


Lotus Biscoff Sauce

You’ve probably already spotted Lotus Biscoff products doing the rounds; doughnuts, cheesecakes, ice cream, cakes, and even milkshakes! Now, you can get your hands on actual Lotus Biscoff-infused topping sauce; caramel goodness to ooze all over your ice cream, cake, pie, and we think that it will be PERFECT on pancakes.

Credit: Biscoff*

Find yours here*

Nutella Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa

Surely you can’t have Pancake Day without this absolute legend?! Nutella is our chocolatey, nutty treat of choice.

Credit: Iceland*

Find yours here*

Pancake Day Accessories
Nutella Spoon

Getting the last of the Nutella out of the jar can be serious business for fans of the delicious chocolate treat. If you’re looking for an amazing tool to help with the job, we think we’ve found it. Check out this fabulous Nutella spoon.

Credit: RoyalSpoons*

Find yours here*

Trudeau Lemon Squeezer

If you’re a fan of the more traditional lemon and sugar pancake – this is for you. You can easily transfer juice from the juicer and it includes a neat pouring spout. You’ll love the pip catcher too.

Credit: Lakeland*

Find yours here*

No Drip Syrup/Honey Dispenser Jug

Load up with maple syrup or honey and let the no-drip pouring commence! This is spot-on if you’ve got older kiddies who enjoy the responsibility of adding their own toppings.

Credit: KitchenCraft*

Find yours here*

Baby’s First Pancake Day Finds

If your little one is celebrating their very first Pancake Day, you can celebrate will some super cute outfits and accessories. They’ll make lovely keepsakes too – perfect for their memory box.

Pancake day personalised Pyjamas

How adorable are these pyjamas?! Your little one will look a picture wearing these while enjoying their first taste of Pancake Day.

Credit: IDreamtobeUK*

Find yours here*

My First Pancake Day – Short Stack Bodysuit

This little vest is such a cute nod to the Pancake Day celebrations. Make sure you take some pictures of your little short stack wearing it.

Credit: BabyPandasStore*

Find yours here*

Nobody Stacks Up To You Baby Grow

Nothing stacks up to this baby grow! We’re loving the long sleeves on this too – so sweet.

Credit: BabyPandasStore*

Find yours here*

Pancake Day Personalised Bandana Bib

This would make a wonderful keepsake and perfect for keeping your little one mess-free as they explore their yummy pancakes.

Credit: IDreamtobeUK*

Find yours here*

So there you have it, ten ways to up your pancake game this year and some cute ways to celebrate. Will you be enjoying the Peppa Pig or the Sausage Dog pan this year? Let us know in the comments below.

We wish you and your family a flippin’ brilliant Pancake Day.


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