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Will 31st of October be your little pumpkin’s first Halloween? Just because they are little, doesn’t mean that they can’t get involved in all the fun.  Don’t miss a trick with these fab Baby’s First Halloween costumes and outfits!


Dressing up your little one is so much fun – They look super cute and you can keep the photos to coo over for years to come! Take a look at our favourite baby halloween costumes from across the web.


Disney Baby Character Costumes

This Halloween is the perfect time to dress them as their favourite Disney character. Have fun making lots of cute photos and happy memories. Here are some of our faves – which would you dress your little one in?

Disney Toy Story

Your little Woody will ‘reach for the sky’ when they see themselves dress as their favourite cowboy or if Space Rangers are more their style check out this stunning Buzz Lightyear costume.

* Credit: ShopDisney

Find the Disney Woody costume here*

Find the Disney Buzz Lightyear costume here*


Micky, Minnie, and Donald

Ahhh – Disney classics! We think they’ll get lots of wear out of these ones. Image how cute your little one will look waddling along in the Donald Duck costume.

* Credit: ShopDisney

Find the Disney Donald Duck costume here*

Find the Disney Micky Mouse costume here*

* Credit: Asda

Find Disney Mini Mouse costume here*



Aladdin Costumes

The remake of Aladdin was one of Disney’s big hits in 2019. There’s a new generation of Aladdin fans and they’ll love dressing as their favourite characters.

* Credit: ShopDisney

Find the Princess Jasmin costume here*

Find the Abu costume here*

* Credit: Asda

Find Disney Aladdin costume here*



Your little fish will look so cute in this gorgeous Nemo costume!

* Credit: JD Williams

Find the Nemo costume here*


Winnie the Pooh

The super soft Winnie the Pooh tabard is perfect for fancy dress parties or events, or simply for fun play at home.

* Credit: JD Williams

Find the Winnie the Pooh costume here*



Baby Film Character Costumes

Here are some more of our favourite baby costumes inspired by the silver screen. There’s everything from Ghostbusters to The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Ghostbusters All in One

Your little Ghostbuster will look ready for business in this – let’s hope you don’t bump into any little ghouls.

*Credit: Asda

Find this here*


Harry Potter Grey All in One with Hat and Cape

This halloween, add a bit of Harry Potter magic to your celebrations!

* Credit: Asda

Find this here*


The Nightmare Before Christmas

How awesome are these? Did you know The Nightmare Before Christmas turned 25 this year?!

* Credit: ShopDisney

Find the Jack Skellington Baby Costume*

Find the Jack Skellington Halloween Baby*


Star Wars

This R2-D2 outfit is great fun for any Star Wars fan!

* Credit: ShopDisney

Find the R2-D2 Baby Costume here*


Monsters Inc.

Your little monster will adore being part of Monsters Inc this Halloween.

* Credit: Amazon

Find the Sully inspired costume here*

Find the Mike costume here*


Superman – Fancy Dress Costume

Is your little one a hero? This Halloween they can show just how super they are in this fab outfit!

* Credit: H & M

Find this here*



Baby Animal Costumes

We love animal costumes as they are super cute and not just for Halloween meaning you can definitely get your monies worth. Here are some of our favourites:


We’re batty over this adorable Bat outfit. We love the fangs and the webbing – it would be super cute for any little ones who are teething at the moment! We’re also loving Giraffe outfit. It’s not particularly ‘halloween’, but it’s super cute and giraffe outfits are unusual!

* Credit: H & M

Find the Giraffe costume here*

Find the Bat costume here*


We’ve chosen these two because they are we can’t stop thinking about how amazing it would be to see little ones crawling around in them.

* Credit: H & M

Find the Cat costume here*

Find the Fox costume here*


Prepare for the cutest image ever- Just look at all of these amazing animal outfits! Which one do you love? We’re big fans of the Lion!

* Credit: Amazon

You can find all of these super cute costumes here*



Spooky Baby Costumes

Dressing your cutie as a little spider or monster is a great way to harness the spirit of Halloween. Here are some of our fave ‘spooky’ costumes:


Vampire All in One with Cape

If your little one is always awake through the night, this little Vampire outfit would be perfect for them.

* Credit: Asda

Find this here*



Possibly the only time spiders will be this cute – how fun is this little outfit?

* Credit: Sainsburys

Find this here*



Pumpkin Costume

A pumpkin for your little pumpkin – We love the eye on this outfit! It would be so fun for any little Halloween parties at nursery!

Find this here*


Monster Costume

This will do the trick for your little monster. We’re loving that friendly little face – not too scary for little ones.


Find this here*



Baby’s First Halloween Outfits

You don’t need to dress the little one in a full costume to celebrate halloween, check out these adorable little ‘Baby’s First Halloween’ outfits.



Squad GHOULS – kids ©

Wow! This personalised ‘Squad GHOULS’ t-shirt is great! We love that you can add the names of your family or friends to it.

* Credit: Lauren Dwyer

Find this here*


Crochet Pumpkin Outfit

Halloween knits are perfect if you want to create a little photo shoot with your baby. If you’ve got a tiny little pumpkin this halloween, they would look good enough to eat in this!

* Credit: CrochetByLaura1

Find this Pumpkin Outfit here*


I Vant To Suck Your Boob Vest

* Credit: CosmicTeesCo

Find this here*


Witch in Training

*Credit: DaisyBelleRose

Find this here*

Printed Mummy Top and Leggings

We love this because it’s a no fuss costume! No fuss but still lots of fun for your little one!

*Credit: H & M

Find this Mummy Outfit here*


Your little one will look a treat in these scrummy baby halloween costumes and outfits! What ever you get up to this halloween we hope you and your little monster have a blast!


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