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How to Make ‘First Day of School’ Memories!

by Yvette Embleton

Next week most of the nation’s 3 and 4 year-olds will be saying bye-bye to their grown-ups and starting their own independent adventure as they start Nursery or School! If you’re wondering how to make ‘First Day of School’ memories to last a lifetime – we’ve got you covered!


You may be wondering where the last 3/4  years have gone, or be delighted that their free childcare has started. Maybe, you don’t know how to feel? That’s ok too!  One thing that we can all agree on is that you’ll want to remember your little one’s first day of nursery or school forever!

Here’s some ideas on how to make first day of school memories!


Memories to make the evening before:
  1. Take a video of them! Ask them what they are looking forward to, what they want to be when they grow up etc.
  2. Read a book together – There are some great ‘starting school’ book out there!
  3. Talk – Soak up very bit of your baby before they start school!
Memories to make the morning of:
  1. Take the obligatory ‘First Day of School’ photo.
  2. Mark their height on a door frame and measure them on the first day of every school year.
  3. Get the family involved – video call or set off early to show family how smart your little one looks!
  4. Plan something fun afterwards – It’ll give them (and you!) something to focus on!

10 ways to make the day extra special:

If you want to make the day extra special – take a look at some of these gorgeous keepsakes we’ve found.


1. Personalised First Day Of School Mini Photo Album

What we love about this is that you can keep adding to the album, meaning you can take a picture of their first day of school every year and have them all in one place!




Find the Personalised First Day Of School Mini Photo Album here!*


2. Personalised My First Day at School Sign 

How simple and cute is this sign? You’ll be able to take the most gorgeous photo’s with your little one holding this. You could make the text more generic so the all of your children could use it!



Find the Personalised My First Day at School Sign here*


3. First Day of School Chalkboard

This is another stunning sign for their first day! Fill in the blanks and take a photo on the first day of their new school year!



Find the First Day of School Chalkboard here*


4. First day of school height keepsake

This is such a unique keepsake! You inform the creator of your child’s height they turn it into the most stunning little sign. Imagine untying it in years to come and remembering just how little they were!



Find the First day of school height keepsake here*


5. Printable Sign: First and Last day of Nursery School

Now this is a good idea – You can print the design out and use it on their first and last day of nursery! What’s also great is that you can just print for more if you have other children.





Find the Printable Sign: First and Last  day of Nursery School here*


6. Engraved Personalised School Uniform Hanger 

This is so sweet! It would be so special getting the little one to help pop their uniform on one of these for their big day. It’s perfect for keeping their first uniform on when they grow out of it.




Find the Engraved Personalised School Uniform Hanger here*


7. ‘Good Luck on Your First Day of School’ Card

All big occasions need a card! Your little one will be so excited to receive this on their first day. It’s perfect for you to keep in a special place and look back on – Make sure you write a lovely message too!




Find the ‘Good Luck on your first day of school’ card here*


8. Back to School Matching Bracelets

These are so sweet! You’ll have to check your school’s jewellery policy however they are perfect to give now and maybe they can wear it when they are older?



Find the Back to School Matching Bracelets here*


9. My first day at school Photo Frame

We love this frame! It’s so cute with the crayons and little pegs to add more than one photo in it.



Find the My first day at school Photo Frame here*


10. First Day At School Ruler Keepsake

We love this – It’s unusual and practical! Of course you could just use it as a keep sake rather than let them use it. What ever you decided to do with it- they’ll love it!


Find the First Day At School Ruler Keepsake here*


Whatever the big day has in store- remember to give your little one, one last cuddle before you leave home!

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