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Introducing Your Little one to Poetry

by Yvette Embleton

Without even realising, you’ve probably already started to introduce your little one to the world of Poetry. Many children’s books are written with rhyming structures as it helps engage children and helps to build familiarity. Not to mention that it adds an element of fun.


If you’d like to make a more conscious effort to focus on poetry and rhyming words with your little one, this will certainly put them in a good position for starting nursery and school.

Here are some lovely ways to enjoy poetry:


Play Rhyming Games Together: 

There’s no doubt that your little one learns from you so playing rhyming games and having fun with words is something that they’ll enjoy if you do. Try not to have high expectations that the games will be played ‘properly’. Even just spending 5 minutes together looking at the pictures and saying the sounds is worth is. Try using the words in a sentence eg ‘The Dog ran after the Frog!’

Find Rhyming Fun-to Know Puzzles here*

Find The Gruffalo Word Rhyming Game here*

Find Slug in a Jug here*


Read Rhyming Books Together:

Reading booking that have rhymes in them allow you to talk about poems and rhyming. Of course, not all poems have to rhyme so adding a child friend poetry book into the collection will be great. Plus they are short so you can do as few or as many as you have time for.

* Credit: Harper Collins and Pan Macmillan

Find the The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library Collection – 10 Books (Collection) here*

Find the Julia Donaldson Activity Collection – 10 Books (Collection) here*

Find the Very First Poetry Book here*


Have Fun With Words:


Here are a few suggestions for you to start exploring Poems and having fun with words.

  • Make up your own songs! Try making up a song with their name in – they’ll love it!
  • Ask the question ‘What Rhymes with…?’ If you’re out for a walk, just ask the question and encourage them to answer, giving them as much or as little help as they need.
  • Sing well known nursery rhymes together. These are great for exercising their memory and their use of phonics.


If you’ve got any suggestions on how to introduce your little one to the world of poetry and rhyming, let us know in the comments below!


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