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Your Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt Guide!

by Bump, Baby & You

Are you planning an Easter Egg Hunt? We’ve got you covered!

Easter is such an important festivity; as well as the religious connotations that many of our followers hold dear, it’s also a time for celebrating life, love, joy and family. Many of us choose to partake in giving Easter Eggs to our loved ones a symbol of this, and a great way to get the clan involved is to create an Easter Egg Hunt! There are so many things to consider though;

  • Where is best to do an Easter Egg Hunt?
  • What ideas are best for babies, toddlers, teens, and adults specifically?
  • What non-edible prizes can I give as well as chocolate eggs?
  • Should I make the hunt part of an Easter party?
  • Should I push the boat out and decorate for the hunt?
  • Is there anywhere local to me doing a hunt to save me the fuss?

We’ll be taking a look at each of these points to help our mummies and daddies make the most of Easter with their little ones. We hope you enjoy, and would love to see photos.

Where is best to host an Easter Egg Hunt?

This is a really important aspect of your Easter Egg Hunt planning; finding the perfect space is the basis for all other aspects of planning, so you need to consider all of your options!

Firstly, the home. Indoors… or outdoors? Good question! This obviously depends on the weather. Hiding eggs will give them some degree of protection from the elements, so if it’s a little drizzly, you should still be ok to use any garden space for egg hunting. If the weather is abysmal, then of course you’ll have to use your house. Are you willing to have havoc and sugar-fuelled manic children in your house, or are you well equipped to deal with chaos…? If no, then consider your other options.

If home isn’t suitable in terms of space and practicality, you could contact your local council to see if they’d be ok with you using your local park or other outdoor space. We advise doing this before arranging anything, just in case your local council has certain rules that may cause issues.

Finally, you could check to see if your kid’s School/nursery is planning on hosting an egg hunt! If not, see if other parents would be willing to volunteer their time and see if the school would be happy to collaborate on a big egg hunt. With the playground and other open spaces at these settings, you could have so much scope for a huge event where lots of people can get involved and donate eggs. Each parent could also bring a food item for a buffet, and the kids could make Easter decorations for an Easter Egg Hunt after-party!

Easter Egg Hunt Baskets & Eggs

This is one of the most important sections for those planning an Easter Egg Hunt; the baskets and eggs! You need to ask yourself;

  • Will I be supplying baskets or telling people to bring their own?
  • What sort of eggs will we need? Chocolate or artificial with a real chocolate prize at the end?

We’ve found these lovely baskets that could be perfect for your Easter Egg Hunt. This kids wicker basket* is a traditionally styled wicker make, and great for larger hunts. The set of natural woven baskets* are smaller and come in sets of 4, and would be cute for smaller Easter egg hunts. We also really like these multicoloured hand crafted baskets* made from Yorkshire cotton-mix braided rope!

Asda have a wide range of eggs reduced to £1, including this Creme Egg Easter Egg*. We love their milk chocolate Chicks & Eggs* too, as they’re small and easy to hide. This Egg Hunt Box* is another great idea; it contains 22 foiled milk chocolate eggs and is really popular.

There are some fantastic larger kits you can get too! This Cadbury Super Pack Egg Hunt Kit* comes with 14 eggs, 3 bunnies and 3 mini egg bags, a great variety. Kinder have also released this Maxi Kit* for egg hunters; it comes with 100 mini eggs, 8 signposts,  2 Kinder Surprise and 3 Kinder figures – great for larger Easter Egg Hunts! This smaller Cadbury Egg Hunt Kit* comes with 10 eggs and 1 mini eggs bag.


If you’re like me, you’ll be thinking of all the ways you can decorate your Easter Egg Hunt venue! I’ve found some lovely pieces that could help make the place festive, and the kids are sure to enjoy them too.

Rose Gold Pom Pom Bunny Bunting – find it here at Etsy*.

Happy Easter Party Kit – find it here at Etsy*.

Easter Garland – find it here at Etsy*.

Planning to make a party out of your Easter Egg Hunt? We’ve found some gorgeous little details for your buffet table;

Pastel Bunny Rabbit Cups 8 Pack – find them here at Etsy*.

Bunny Ear Cupcake Toppers – find them here at Etsy*.

Easter Basket Bunny Favour Box – find them here at Etsy*.

Easter Egg Hunt Prize Ideas for Babies and Toddlers…

If your egg hunt will include babies and toddlers, you’ll need sweets suitable for young kids. Asda has a great Easter oriented selection for parents! Milkybar is always a hit with the little ones; this Milkybar Medium egg* is currently £! How about this milk chocolate Bunny Lolly*? It’s something a bit different to all the eggs! For older toddlers, these Jelly Babies chick edition* could be a welcome treat, but we’d advise cutting them if they’re on the big side, and supervising too.

You’ll also need non-food prizes for babies not weaned yet  – we’ve got you covered! Toys and sensory books are a nice non-food Easter Egg Hunt prize for tiny tots – whay about this bunny squeaky activity toy*? Or this interactive talking chick* – this is popular with our mummies! This Baby Einstein high contrast fabric book* is great for little ones who are developing their senses.


If your little ones aren’t ready to particpate in the hustle and bustle of the main hunt, you could always dedicate one small area to their own mini hunt so you can be sure they won’t need to compete with older kids for a prize! You could also do other mini sensory activities whilst older kids hunt;

Click image to see tutorial

Easter Egg Hunt Prize Ideas for Children and Teens…

If you’re planning to invite older children and teenagers, there are plenty of ways you can get them involved too. First and foremost, you cannot go wrong with chocolate eggs for them. Asda have this Maltesters* and Galaxy Golden Eggs* Easter Eggs rolled back to £2.5o as part of their rollback promotion, and this Mars* egg is reduced to £1 as part of their Easter promotion. Great! These 3 are especially popular with teens, so stock up.

You could also consider some non-food prizes to mix it up a little! Cheap novelty toys are just the ticket; we’ve found some cracking little entertaining gizmos that will make older kids and teens happy! This virtual pet* is a bit of a blast from the past and a great way of giving this generation a taste of retro gaming. These buzz magnets* are so fun, I remember spending hours playing with these – just keep them away from the little ones! This loud novelty bike horn* would be a great prize for pranksters who love to surprise folk.

There are lots of ways you can entertain tweens and teens at your Easter Egg Hunt other than the standard egg hunt (or as well as the hunt!) – we’ve listed our best her.

  • Create a map, place brightly coloured markers across a larger area – maybe your block, estate or village? If older and trustworthy, across town? You could split the teens into teams and the team who collects the most markers wins a prize. This could be done after the egg hunt, or whilst younger kids take part in the egg hunt.
  • Easter Egg ‘Taboo’: give each teen a basket with a specific number of plastic or rubber eggs. Each person will need to keep their own egg with them and to pay attention to everyone else during the party. Choose an action or word that needs to be ‘taboo’ (cannot be done or said). Saying the word “Easter” is a good idea. If someone spots another guest doing the taboo, they collect an egg from that person’s basket. At the end of the party, the winner is the person with the most eggs and wins a prize.

…And Some For The Adults!

As an adult, I can safely say that most of us will happily chuck ourselves into the fun and games with the kids, and appreciate chocolate just as much as the younger ones, but if you’re wanting something a little extra special, this boozy Gin & Elderflower Easter Egg is a great prize for participating adults! You can find this here* at John Lewis.

Dairy-Free Eggs…

If one of your hunters is vegan, has CMPA or is Lactose Intolerant, the Moo Free range is suitable for dairy-free hunters of all ages. We love the Cheeky Orange egg*, Original Choccy egg*, and the Easter Bunnycomb egg* which comes with honeycomb. They’re all delicious!

How to Find a Local Hunt to Participate in

Not a fan of doing all the leg work yourself? Fair play! There are usually plenty of community events going on over Easter, and you’ll have no issue finding a public egg hunt nearby by;

  • Searching on your local Facebook ‘spotted’ group.
  • Checking out the National Trust site here – they’re holding over 260 across England, Wales and Northern Ireland in partnership with Cadbury this year. I hold National Trust membership so this is one I’ll be doing!
  • Checking out Days Out With The Kids site here.

Did you find our Easter Egg Hunt guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

Love from Katie. Xx


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