Being a Dad and What it Really Means

Written by Martin Swift

Being Dad

Memorable moments or some that you can`t wait to forget.

As a new father I thought it would be fun to share some events that happen along the way, from the fathers point of view, small things that mothers seem to do seamlessly that turn out to be big adventures for fathers, I am sure I am not alone.

After seeing lots of recent certificates created for new fathers, mothers, grandparents and also I suspect some of these were cheeky birthday reminders for more forgettable people out there, either way it got me inspired to finally start writing a blog about my first hand dad experiences.

An overview of being a father for the first time

Little Bradley is our newborn and it has taken 7 months for things to really calm down now. Juggling work and children can be testing to say the least, all of this with minimal sleep. I am sure everyone has heard friends or family ranting about how little time they have and how fast everything is going by, it`s true, it`s a blur, lots of adapting to new routines and learning new skills, most importantly learning how to control your own emotions and patience. These are the best moments of your life some say, hmmm we shall see, perhaps when we look back in a few years when all the challenging bits fade into a distant memory and we can reminisce over a drink and laugh at how did we get through that, Sleep deprivation, nappy explosions, non-stop dribbling, getting peed on, screaming though the night, etc etc, although now I am struggling to think of many more…………. is that it? Maybe I have just broken through the barrier!? GREAT.

Maybe the attraction for some people with parenthood is the challenge? Is this why some love having more and more children? Is it the thrill seekers out there, that feeling of surviving and achieving? Perhaps not, I am sure most people are simply more maternal than others. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy children, but babies are certainly a challenge of another kind. The lack of communication can be extremely frustrating, our trusty weapons are routine and preparation, but it still feels like they are lord of the manor calling all the shots, we are merely servants to master. But it’s not all bad, they do have endearing qualities, those cheeky moments when they smile, laugh and give you eye contact, although that still doesn’t make up for that smell they just made, or for that bottom noise I just got the blame for! But it certainly helps.

“Don’t worry it gets easier” so everyone says, this is proving to be true. Now whether this is because it’s no longer all new and I Don`t feel like a rabbit in head lights, or the fact that I let it all wash over me now, seen it all before, I find myself comparing the next nappy I have to change with the past explosions, where there was no amount of wet wipes that was ever going to clear that up, and it then doesn’t seem so bad.

We persevere, everything will work out well in the end, until the next adventure, stepping out the door on your own with children! And Daddy daycare.

Maybe I will look back sooner than I thought and these are the moments everyone says you will remember forever.