Tips For Travelling While Pregnant

Pregnancy is hard when you’re doing….well, anything at all really, but especially so while travelling.

Travel always requires planning, but more time should be given while you are pregnant. Always speak to your doctor before travelling to be sure that you are okay to fly, but usually travelling while pregnant is safe. Below are some tips to ensure your travel experience goes smoothly.

  1. Stretch– Your ankles are already swollen and your back is already strained, and flying on a plane only makes matters worse. Be sure to get up every thirty minutes on a flight in order to stretch. Stretching while flying has been proven to reduce discomfort, aches, swelling, jet lag, and even improve circulation.
  2. Bring snacks– Those cravings have been kicking your butt during your entire pregnancy. You may be going on vacation, but your cravings sure aren’t! Bring along your favorite snacks to keep you satisfied, and eating a little will reduce nausea on the plane.
  3. Nausea Medication– Another thing that has been kicking your butt, morning sickness. Nausea medication (that is safe to take while pregnant of course) is a must. Many people who are not pregnant develop motion sickness, and with your stomach being so sensitive in your current state, it is almost a guarantee that you will too.
  4. Travel during your second trimester– By now you have overcome morning sickness, and you won’t be as tired as you would be in your third trimester. Not to mention that now you can take cute baby bump pictures while on vacation.
  5. Know the area you’re traveling to– Before you go anywhere you need to research the area. Look for current events that indicate a high crime rate, civil unrest, or disease warnings. Know what areas will put you at risk for contracting certain illnesses, and ask your doctor how to protect yourself. It is also a good idea to find out where the nearest hospital will be from your hotel.
  6. Travel Insurance– Travel Insurance is important for any trip (you can read why here), but it is a must when you are traveling while pregnant. Your normal health coverage has a high chance of not being accepted outside of your home country, so you can find yourself paying out of pocket for some pretty high medical bills if something were to happen. Travel insurance also reimburses you if you cannot make your trip due to unexpected medical reasons, like baby coming a few weeks early.

In conclusion, traveling is great and traveling while pregnant can be great too. Just use common sense, take some time to prepare your trip, do your research, and talk to your doctor.

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Written by Alyssa Heberlig for her blog, Just Always Travelling.

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