June is SANDS Awareness Month

SANDS (Stillbirth and neonatal death charity) Awareness Month 2019

As a company for parents & their babies, we are huge supporters of charities such as SANDS, and love to participate in their awareness raising campaigns!

SANDS runs an awareness event each June. This is a yearly event run by SANDS (Stillbirth and neonatal death charity), to raise awareness of neonatal deaths and stillbirths outside the periphery of those directly affected.

The aim of this awareness month is to raise money, as well as awareness, which will help fund research into stillbirths and neonatal death, which in turn will help to continue reducing these heartbreaking losses. Up to 15 babies a day die during pregnancy and labour or shortly after birth in the UK which is devastating.

SANDS is a national UK charity, and they provide free support to bereaved parents by offering individual and group support sessions. SANDS relies on donations to be able to provide this service to parents affected  by loss.

The awareness month offers brilliant opportunities to raise funds to provide essential support, to ensure that parents can cope with the bereavement with the support provided, and to help these parents understand that they are not to blame for the loss of their baby when there are no specific answers as to why it happened.

We are looking for stories to share to help raise awareness!

If you’ve experienced stillbirth or neonatal loss, all of us at Team BBY send our love and hugs. If you would like to share your experience to raise awareness of this heartbreaking plight, email me at katie@theofficerocks.com and I’ll share your story in support of SANDS.

Lots of love from Katie. Xx

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