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Natural Sensory Play

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Natural sensory play

I have always been a massive fan of sensory play. When I see set-ups like this, I want to delve in myself and feel the different textures, so I think it must be great for curious babies. Alice is 20 months and is very inquisitive and so she absolutely loved this. It was pretty much the only thing she played with all day.

I had been searching for a box for this set up for ages, so when I eventually found one I put it on my birthday wish list! It was so worth it.

I would have loved to have filled it with entirely natural objects but my collection isn’t vast enough yet, but it’s something I’m going to work on in the future. Having said that, I was able to find a good array of textures and materials, and Alice didn’t seem to mind.

The pasta letters were the biggest hit, which would be great for spelling practice if she were a little older. She also loved the multicoloured pastel buttons.

Honestly, it was remarkable how long it kept her entertained, and she even added different cups and buckets from her toy collection to aid her play.

This is the scene that resulted. In fact, she loved it so much, I’ve left it out for her so that she can carry on in the morning! A big hit!

Written by Nerys Hillier for her blog, Nurture and Play.

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