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Weight loss whilst bringing up small toddlers & fighting a disability

by Bump, Baby & You

Take one chubby person, add pregnancy x2 plus being bed bound and a knee reconstruction/relearning to walk all within 2 years, what do you get?


As anyone with a mobility issue can relate, its damn hard to lose weight when you cant even walk down the street unaided. Its hard to go to the gym after your joint has subluxed or dislocated…again. Its then even harder to get up and parent the day after going to the gym when your joints are screaming at you. So trying to lose weight by exercising is tough.

Then on top of that take a foodie who has no willpower to stay away from crap and you get?


Forever doomed to be fat?

Well no.

Since booking our wedding in January its given me the kick up the ass I needed to really try harder. Now it’s not a quick thing, I’m not one of these people oh I’ve lost 8lb this week kinda girl. No. But gradually and slowly I’m losing weight and when i took this photo i was only 4lb from my first goal which will be 2st 3lb difference since April last year. Ironically I’ve been poorly since then and havent felt well enough to post and I’m now only 2lb off… that’s being chronically ill for you… take the positives lol.

No I’m not doing SW, WW, 5/2, Keto or any of these popular diets. I’m simply doing the ‘stop eating so much shit you fat fuck’ diet. Controlling what is going into my fat gob, not eating late at night, not eating bags of chocolate, sweets, biscuits like they’re going to disappear from existence. Having less takeaways but not banning them because… well look above… no willpower. Tell me I cant have it I want it more ūüėā

So yeah I’m still fat. I will be for a long time but for the first time since 2015 my weight is going down rather than up and so for that I am proud.

Others on your own personal weight loss journeys, be proud of small achievements.

Zebra mumma 


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