The Bump, Baby & You Summer Bucket List!

With only three weeks left of the summer holidays, will you be able to look back and say ‘we made the most of every moment and had so much fun’?

If you’ve been struggling to fill the days and find engaging fun activities to enjoy with your children, we have you covered with the Bump, Baby & You summer bucket list! These ideas are *mostly* low cost, but high octane and guaranteed to help create memories with your children that they’ll treasure forever.

Here’s our summer activity bucket list…

There’s a surprising number of fun outings and activities available on your doorstep; sometimes, it just takes a nudge to remind you of all the wonderful places there are to experience! As a National Trust member, I strongly recommend getting a membership. The monthly fee is really cheap and it’ll be very worthwhile if you enjoy getting active with the kids and exploring!

Is there anything you’d add to our list below? Tell us in the comments!

Love from Katie. Xx