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Apps and Tricks For The New Parent-To-Be

by Bump, Baby & You

Having a new baby is one of the greatest things you will ever experience. It’s also one of the scariest. Being a first-time parent can have a way of making you feel like you are completely unprepared for the job. The good news is that there are many great baby-caring apps that will help make your job a whole lot easier. 

The right tools for the job

Every parent makes a list of all the products they think they’ll need once their baby arrives. The typical list is filled with bottles, blankets, and the all-important diaper genie. And while these are all great items to put on your registry, let’s be honest, that diaper genie won’t tell you what to do when your baby has a fever in the middle of the night, (and yes, there’s an app for that). 

After you become a parent, you’ll quickly learn that your smartphone can be an invaluable resource of tools and apps that will help you adjust and document your baby’s milestones. But let’s be honest. Before you load your phone up with the latest apps, you’ll need to protect it. A phone case like one from Lifeproof can help protect your phone against drool, bottle spills, and unfortunate diaper mishaps. 

When it comes to choosing the right apps for your phone, you want ones that focus on a specific task. As a new parent, the last thing you have time for is to search through an app to find what you are looking for. 

Apps that will make your life easier

Baby Time

Being a parent can feel like you’re always tracking something. How long did they feed? How long did they nap? And when was the last time they had a diaper change? The Baby Time app is a great way to keep track of it all. For those moments where you feel like you’ve lost all sense of time, Baby Time has you covered. 

Baby Monitor 3G

As a new parent, it’s 100 percent natural to stand over your baby’s crib and watch them sleep. But for those times you’re not obsessively watching the baby, the Baby Monitor 3G app is a great way to keep an eye on your baby. The app works during daylight or in the dark. Plus, it has a variety of microphone settings and can even tell you the last time the app picked up any sound, letting you know when your baby falls asleep.

Apps that help you stay organized

Between doctor appointments, playdates, and newborn photos, it can feel like there is always something going on. At times like this, apps that help you stay organized can be a lifesaver. 

Cozi Family Organizer 

Cozi is the app to keep your family organized. The app goes beyond keeping track of your schedule, it can also store recipes, meal plans, and even your grocery list. As for your appointments, Cozi can create reminders, because trust us, you will forget. 

The Wonder Weeks Milestone Memories

One of the great things about having a baby is watching them meet their milestones. Those first steps, first words – those are some of life’s best moments. As a new parent, it’s also important to know when your child should be hitting these milestones. Wonder Weeks will not only help you document these milestones, but it can count down the days to when your child will likely meet these milestones and give you tips to help your baby get there. 

Day One

Day One is not a baby app, per se, but it is one of the best journal apps on the market. The app allows you to create notes and add pictures and will automatically record the time, date, and weather. It’s a great way to record your baby’s memories. Even better – once you are done with the app, you can print out your memories and have a tangible and beautiful baby book. 

A new baby is one of life’s greatest joys. These tools will help you make it through the tough times and document every precious moment along the way. 



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