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by TheUnicornMum

Doing My Best

Do any of you feel that no matter what you do, it just isn’t good enough for people around you?

Keep baby in…

“Oh, you must take them out to socialise and get fresh air!”

Take baby out…

“Shut that baby up, I can’t stand the crying! Must be hungry. Probably tired. Take them home.”

Keep your home spotless…

“Oh, you can’t be spending much time with your kids then! That’s rubbish.”

Have a messy, lived-in home…

“Ew, you’re so lazy!”

Spend 100% of your time with the kids…

“YOU NEED SELF CARE!!!! Go to the spa!”

Spend time away from your kids…

“Look how selfish she is!”

Stay at home mum…

“Urgh, wonder how much universal credit she gets.”

Full time working mum…

“Selfish, selfish, selfish!”

Can you see why so many mummies are driven to insanity by the non-stop double standards and dissatisfaction we experience from people who actually have no business even airing their opinions?

Mummies, daddies, caregivers, this applies to all of you…


I am doing my BEST.

And so are you.

Written by The Unicorn Mum.

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