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My Mother-In-Law is a Blessing!

by Katie Hodgkins

My Mother-In-Law is a Blessing!

Mother in Laws often get a lot of bad press and jokes made about them but my god do I feel blessed to have my mother in law! 

Not only has this wonderful lady raised the most incredible gentleman that I get to cherish every single day with but she is an amazing granny to my 2 boys.

Last night, I left my 2 boys for the first time to go on a night out for the first time in nearly 2 years. I had all the usual fears a mother has when she’s not going to be near her babies…. what if they’re hungry…. what if they miss me…. what if they need me and I’m not there…. but all these fears immediately disappeared the minute I saw their excited faces and screams and laughs of excitement to see their granny.

Not only did this wonderful lady protect the 2 most precious small humans in my life but they loved every single second they spent with her and I returned home after quite possibly theeeee best night out of my life to them safe and happy sleeping in their beds.

I feel like a new woman today after having a few hours to be “me”.

I ate THREE hot meals! I didn’t share a single bite with anybody. No-one swapped my grown up fork for their plastic one and all my chocolate dessert went in my mouth! Not a single drop was wiped on my clothes or my curtains and I didn’t have to change any stinky nappies half way through my meal!

I truly feel blessed to have this lady in mine and my boys life and as if she hadn’t done enough for me already I am now sat with 2 napping boys…. a hot cup of tea…. my house is sparkling and all my washing drying and ironing has been done for me!!

We can learn a lot from our parents and if I can be half as good a mother as my mother in law is a granny I will know I’ve done a good job with my precious small humans.

Today take a small minute just to let someone precious to you know how much you appreciate them. We all need help on this mothering journey and if we work together and help each other out we can all be great mothers like these amazing women who guide us.

Written by Daniella Galloway for her blog, The Lives and Lies of Motherhood.


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