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Why does it matter what colour my child is wearing?

by Katie Hodgkins

Why does it matter what colour my child is wearing?

I’ve become accustomed to ‘aw how old is she?’ And the ‘aww what’s his name?’.. but you know what? He’s a he. I couldn’t be bothered spending more money on items of clothing that DO THE SAME JOB. I was in hospital for three weeks.

Marcus wearing his sister’s handmedowns!

My son was taken away due to ill health at a week old. I spoke sooo highly of my little cherub, even showing the staff videos of his progress and eventually we were well enough to home. Come a few months later, I stroll in for our monthly appointment and saw the doctor who discharged me.


I proudly marched on over to show her my once very poorly baby, to be told ‘wow, isn’t she doing amazing?!’.

So quelling the eye roll I desperately tried to withhold, I politely reminded her that his name was Marcus and for a whole week I had screamed at them to let me see my boy (but that’s another story). Why does it matter, you may ask? Same reason it matters to you when you create a conversation filler. If you’re not really that interested then just don’t ask. In future just say ‘awww, what’s your baby called?’. You’ll probably find the other person will say ‘his name is’ or ‘her name is’ and then you can crack on asking random questions.

Marcus when he was poorly

If that kid is wearing very, very visible pink summer – again. Just don’t bother assuming. It’s JUST a choice of clothing. Just comment on the outfit and not ‘don’t you look cute little miss?!’. My daughter dresses like a tomboy, whereas my son has my daughters hand-me-downs because I can’t be bothered fishing out money on BLUE colours. Rant over, mic drop. Just stop assuming, please!

HE is so adorable!

Written by Bethany Collings, our Community & Content Assistant!


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