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Noggin The Brain People

Our brains are the most important organ of them all, and we only ever get one of them - as parents, looking after our brain health is vital.

This is why we're big fans of Noggin The Brain People - they work hard to help people to appreciate and nourish their grey matter. Based on the latest neuroscience, Noggin The Brain People can help to support parents and carers in caring for their brains, improving your overall cognitive health, general wellbeing and longevity; something we all yearn for when we have little ones depending on our health.

Who are Noggin The Brain People?

Noggin The Brain People were founded back in 2013 by Dr Clara Russell. Her family was suddenly beleaguered with a myriad of health conditions; she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and relatives were diagnosed with dementia, epilepsy and anxiety to name a few. 

At the same time, she was a new mum herself, watching her newborn growing and learning, leading her to wonder, do our brains really just 'give up' when we become unwell? After years of clinical experience as a doctor herself, Dr Russell felt inspired to start up Noggin The Brain People to help to support the wider community in taking care of their brains, improving our overall cognitive health, and reducing the risks of brain diseases as we age.

More about Dr Clara Russell

Dr Clara Russell graduated from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, and also studied sleep medicine at the University of Edinburgh in 2018. Dr Russell also studied in the USA at the Institute of Functional Medicine, learning a great deal about the science and research behind nutrition, meditation and exercise can play an important role in preventing, supporting cognitive health, and recovering from illness. As someone with Multiple Sclerosis, she is passionate about keeping our brains as healthy as possible, to give us a fighting chance against ageing and illness - this is certainly something we can get behind, as we only have one brain, and it is so important that we look after it as much as we do other parts of our bodies.

What products do Noggin The Brain People sell?

Aptly named, Noggin The Brain People specialise in products to support your cognitive health. Each product contains an advanced bioavailable nootropic complex; adaptogens, botanicals, medicinal mushrooms, vitamins and minerals tailored specifically for each specific brain supplement that Noggin produces.

For those who are wondering what 'nootropic' and 'adaptogen' mean, you're not alone. It's important to understand what is in the supplements and vitamins we take; nootropics are cognitive enhancing herbs and substances, and adaptogens are natural medicines that help your body to respond to anxiety, stress and fatigue. Noggin The Brain people combine science and nature to create their doctor-led, nutritionist crafted supplements that are GMO-free, with no added fillers and full of highly absorbable (bioavailable) ingredients that are backed by science. Noggin The Brain People have created three supplements so far;

A blend of vitamin B, Rhodolia, Lion's Mane Mushroom, magnesium and much more, OOMPH by Noggin The Brain People is formulated to promote energy, focus and mental clarity, something that many of us mums and dads could benefit from!

Formulated with magnesium, hops, Ashwagandha and more, PAUSE by Noggin The Brain People is a great choice for anyone needing to aid relaxation, destress, and improve the quality of their sleep. Great quality sleep is something that all parents benefit from, but often struggle to get in big amounts with small children, so PAUSE could help to improve any sleep you do manage to snatch...

With vitamin B, Bacopa, evening primrose oil and more, FOGO is an energy powerhouse created to boost those of you dealing with menopause symptoms. With ingredients scientifically known to reduce hot flushes, night sweats and many other menopause symptoms, FOGO will also support hair, skin and nail health, and mental cognition.




What postage do Noggin The Brain People offer?

Noggin The Brain People only ship within the UK, and standard delivery is £2.99 per order. Standard delivery aims to deliver within 3-4 working days, and if you order 2 or more products you qualify for free delivery.

Can I follow Noggin The Brain People on social media?

You can follow Noggin The Brain People on Facebook and Twitter.

Do Noggin The Brain People have any sales on?

Noggin The Brain People don't currently have any sales or promotional offers live on their website but we'll certainly update you in future if they do.

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