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The Skinny Food Co.

New Year, new you? The Skinny Food Co. are a fantastic food brand to support your weight loss endeavours.

We all know how hard it is to shift the pounds, particularly after a festive Christmas! As parents it is natural and understandable to want to look and feel our absolute best; to be able to run around after our children, to feel confident out and about, but do we really need to deprive ourselves of delicious food to do that?! Not with The Skinny Food Co.!

The Skinny Food Co. have achieved what we all thought was impossible... tasty treats, at a fraction of the calories. Yes, you read correctly. The Skinny Food Co. will blow your mind with the range of snacks, syrups, sauces and other treats they've created with a fraction of the calories and sugar compared to their typical counterparts.

Who are The Skinny Food Co.?

The Skinny Food Co. say that their brand started with "good people, good food and the desire to make a positive difference to the world and those within it". Founded in 2018, keen to help their diabetic family members and improve their relationships with food, The Skinny Food Co. co-founders – James and Wayne – acted upon their joint of creating healthier, less calorific alternatives to the types of food that we see as 'treats'. They wanted to 'provide everyone with a full serving of the foods they love without sacrificing their health' and it is safe to say that they've been extremely successful in this.

The Skinny Food Co. started with basics - ketchup and barbeque sauce that is gluten, fat, added sugar and dairy free - but became SO popular that The Skinny Food Co. very quickly grew their product range. The Skinny Food Co. range now sits at upwards of 500 products!

“We just want you to be healthy, happy and eating the delicious foods you love.”
James Whiting & Wayne Starkey - Founders of The Skinny Food Co.

What types of products can I buy at The Skinny Food Co.?

The Skinny Food Co. is the place to go for 'treat' foods to make you feel less deprived and support you on a weight loss and/or health journey without cutting out nice flavours altogether. Their most popular products by far are;

These lower calorie alternatives cerainly don't let you down in terms of flavour though - every product we've tried from The Skinny Food Co. is absolutely delicious and has really helped us to create a calorific deficit alongide exercise to sustain healthy, safe weight loss results. The low calorie rice and pasta in particular is great alongside a home cooked curry or italian sauce, and keeps us feeling full despite being only 4 calories per pack! We also use our The Skinny Food Co. vanilla creamer and salted caramel shot in our coffee; the result is so yummy, and a fraction of the calories we'd usually consume with conventional coffee creamer and syrup shots.



Can I follow The Skinny Food Co. on on social media?

The Skinny Food Co. are very active on social media; you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. You'll be able to see lots of the fabulous The Skinny Food Co products in action on their social media platforms, with some great reels demonstrating how their products can be best used to achieve delicious, healthier snacks and treats.

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What delivery options does The Skinny Food Co. offer?

The Skinny Food Co. offer plenty of shipping options;

UK shipping on orders over £49.99, or £4.99 for below. You can pay £7.99 for Next Business Day delivery. For more information on The Skinny Food Co. UK shipping and delivery, you can read more here as there's some important T's & C's.

International shipping globally is available on orders of up to 30kg, and shipping rates vary based on location. You can view this by adding items to your basket and the price will be calculated as you enter the checkout process.

See all The Skinny Food Co. shipping information here.

Does The Skinny Food Co. have any sales on?

The Skinny Food Co. have a clearance page currently full of some excellent bargains on their lower calorie food products - check it out here. Be quick, because The Skinny Food Co. products are very popular and stock will dwindle quickly at these amazing prices.

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