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Traces Wine

Traces Wine are a brand who have caught our eye - every parent deserves a treat.

Europe's best clean and sustainable wine, and healthier than standard wine options, Traces Wine by DrinkWell UK ticks so many boxes for us mummies and daddies!

Crafted to be lighter in calories, without sacrificing taste and enjoyment, Traces Wine is vegan, gluten free, 0g in carbs and sugar, only 78 calories per 150ml serving, with an ABV of 11%. We know that many of you, ourselves included, are keen to watch our health and with Traces Wine, you can treat yourself to a glass of your favourite vino without overdoing the calories, as their wine is 20% lower in calories than the average equivalent option. Winner!

Who are Traces Wine?

Launched by DrinkWell UK, Traces Wine is a wine company who strive to create a product that is better for us, and better for the planet, whilst still being delicious. They source their grapes from High Environmental Value certified vineyards in France - the High Environmental Value certification is a French environmental scheme "which aims to identify and promote environmentally friendly practices, biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategy, water resource management with minimal pesticide and fertiliser inputs" - Traces Wine have put a lot of time and thought into bringing to the market a wine that is healthier for us than the usual options, but is also kinder on our planet. Healthy wine, healthy parents, healthy planet - now that's a mantra we can really get behind!

What types of products can I buy at Traces Wine?

Wine, of course! The parents in our online community rave about Traces Wine; you're getting 90% of the ABV for a fraction of the calories, and at a fair price too. You can also buy accessories such as tote bags, cork screws, wine stoppers, and wholesale purchases. 



What postage options do Traces Wine offer?

Traces Wine offers customers Express Delivery across UK Mainland in 24 Hours with DPD, so that you can be rest assured that your wine order will reach you safely and promptly.

Can I follow Traces Wine on social media?

You can follow Traces Wine on Facebook and Instagram. They share some exciting product information and sneak peaks, sharing their fabulous healthier wines to their rapidly growing number of followers.

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Do Traces Wine have any sales on?

You can get a free Traces Wine tote bag when you purchase an order to the value of £30 or more, and there's currently £2 off a bottle of Traces Sauvignon Blanc and Traces Rosé.

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