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Halloween Craft Ideas

by Bump, Baby & You

It’s Halloween next week… Why not indulge in some creepy crafts with your kids over Half Term?

We love arts & crafts; it’s relatively cheap, and a superb way to spend time with your kids! It’s also fab for little ones as it helps to develop their motor skills & sense of exploration.

We’ve searched high and low for the best Halloween arts & crafts ideas… Here are our favourite!

Xiao Yun Chen at Miraculove

Xiao Yun Chen at Miraculove is a fantastic crafty mummy, and we love the tutorials that she’s shared with us as guest features – her activities are hands on, inexpensive and incorporate a lot of sensory elements for smaller children to enjoy.

Googly Eyed Pumpkin Monster

Ideal for smaller children, this pumpkin decorating activity is knife/carving scalpel free, and tonnes of fun!

Find this tutorial here!


DIY Dinosaur Fossil Play Dough

This roarsome dinosaur activity is super sensory, and you could even make other shapes in the dough – pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, the choice is yours.

Find this tutorial here!


DIY Trick or Treat Pumpkin Bag

We love this pumpkin bag idea! It’s cheap, simple and so fun…

Find this tutorial here!


Other Halloween Craft Ideas

This Halloween arts & crafts video is full of fab activity ideas!

Halloween Slime

If your children love slime, this spooky slime tutorial could be perfect for them.

Find this at The Best Ideas for Kids here!


Build Your Own Pumpkin

We think this is the perfect activity for smaller toddlers! It’s fabulous for encouraging imagination, and you can create all sorts of freaky faces!

See this at The Best Ideas For Kids here!


Coffee Filter Ghosts

If you have spare coffee filters lying around, this simple yet spooky activity could bring hours of fun…

Find this tutorial at Happiness is Homemade here!


Spider Pencils

This activity would go down well at schools! If you’re a teacher or teaching assistant, why not try this one with your class?

See this at Happiness is Homemade here!


Share your own ideas with us in the comments – what Halloween crafts do you enjoy doing?

Love from Katie & Team BBY! Xx


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