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The Expressing Hack That You NEED To See...

Breastmilk storage bags – let’s face it, they could be a little easier to use…

They can be difficult to pour expressed breastmilk into without creating a mess and NO ONE wants to spill a drop of their precious white gold after spending so long pumping, so what can you do to minimise spillage…? One clever mummy shared her hack with us today.

Mummy Rosie Phillips shared with our community

“**Breastfeeding mums**

Life hack that I’m so very proud of!

If you know you know! The struggle of pouring your beloved breast milk into the ridiculously designed storage bags is always a tricky task (I’m convinced I’ve been doing it wrong but hey ho!)

I decided to give this a go and used the ‘breast shield’ part of my pump as a funnel and it works a treat, hopefully I’m not the only one who has struggled with this part of pumping but if I’m not then here you go!”

How clever! So, the shield part of your pump can double as a handy funnel.

Who’d have known?! We hope that Rosie’s trick helps other expressing mums – tell us in the comments if you try this.

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