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Top 8 Superfoods To Increase Sperm Count And Aid Conception

Trying for a baby can be so stressful, well, IS stressful. Here are some superfoods your partner can take to increase those swimmers!

I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) just like a lot of women out there, this causes infertility. There are many reasons why one couple can’t get pregnant but for some, these reasons are never actually discovered and can leave people crippled with emotions.

I’m always up for trying reasonable things! In the world of TTC you can try special lubricants, like Conception Plus or Pre-Seed, pre-natal tablets by Pregnacare and Seven Seas.

But the most effective would be changing your diet, including a larger range of veg and here are a few select foods seen below help increase sperm supply.


Asparagus is the best for fighting any free radicals and is packed to the brim with vitamin C. Vit C helps protects sperm from any damage and also helps to generate more swimmers that will x2 the speed.


Bananas are best for regulating the sex hormones because of paticular enzyme called Bromelain and because of this it increases the male libido! These are perfect for any extra needed Vitamin C. A and B1. All that help boost the sperm factory.


Broccoli is jam packed with vitamin A. When lacking this vitamin, it can sometimes be the most common cause for low fertility, because thi is because it can makes your man’s sperm lazy. Other foods such as red peppers, spinach, apricots, sweet potatoes and carrot are also Vitamin A approved.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains an amino acid that’s been proven to double sperm growth and size. It’s also high in antioxidants – enough to rival any pomegranates and acai berries. Perfect for fighting off any free radicals, bad molecules found in pollution and toxins that are linked to male infertility.

But don’t think this is your queue to eat bar after bar, only stick to a couple of squares a day.


As long as you’re not a vampire or in a relationship with one, you will find that Garlic is a fantastic baby-making booster. It contains two magic elements – Allicin, this improves blood flow to his sexual organs and protects sperm from damage. It also has another magic trick, Selenium – antioxidant that improves sperm motility.

Again, don’t try forcing down two or three Garlics, one to two cloves a day is just the right amount.


This aphrodisiac root has been used to treat infertility for hundreds of years. It assists in boosting testosterone levels and increases blood flow to the genitals, with some claiming that Ginseng can treat erectile dysfunction!

So get on up in the kitchen, make him a drink with ginseng, or alternatively, take dried ginseng root each day.


Whenever people think of Oysters, you instantly know they are one of the most talked aphrodisiacs out there and coincidentally are one of your man’s best sources of zinc. This is what helps your partners sperm production. So with about 15mg a day (50g of oysters) you’ll be making babies like it was running out of fashion.

Cheaper and probably more sensible sources of zinc include turkey, pumpkin seeds, lobster and mussels.


Omega-3 fatty acids increase sperm count and encourage blood flow to the genital area – and what better way than walnuts? They’re a brilliant on-the-go snack, and can be mixed with anything EG, cereal or dessert.

Futhermore, even more sources of omega-3 fatty acids can be found in foods like crab, salmon, chicken and pumpkin seeds.

If you do end up pregnant this year via this blog – I would love to know!

Happy baby dancing everyone.

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