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Blippi Fans will LOVE this range of toys!

Do you have a little Blippi fan at home? My little one is going through a mini obsession at the moment – so I was chuffed to find this range of amazing Blippi toys AND merchandise!

Love him or hate him, he most definitely keeps the little ones happy. We have a feeling little Blippi fans are going to adore all of these AWESOME Blippi bits and pieces we’ve found.

From clothing to toys – there’s something every little Blippi fan will adore!

images: Argos*

Can you just picture how cute your little one would look in this Blippi costume?! I can’t even!!

Get the Blippi Costume HERE*

images: Argos*

Wow – a talking Blippi doll! This would blow my little ones mind for sure…

Get the My Buddy Blippi Doll HERE*

images: Argos*

Get the Blippi Recycling Truck Toy HERE*

image: Argos*

Get the Blippi Deluxe Surprise Box Assortment HERE*

image: Argos*

Get the Blippi Treasure Hunt Toy HERE*

Image credit: Amazon*

Get the Blippi Rocket Ship HERE*


Get the Blippi Detective Set HERE*

Image credit: Amazon*

Get the Blippi Let’s Look and Find Book HERE*

Image credit: Amazon*

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