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We LOVE Disney Ears!

  • Disney Ears are a huge favourite in our community!

For trips to Disneyland, Halloween costume ideas, World Book Day inspiration and so much more, you NEED a fabulous pair of Disney Ears in your fancy dress box. For kids and for adults, there's a huge variety of magical Disney Ears to choose from; let's take a look at how many types of Disney Ears you can treat yourself to and where you can buy them from!

How cool are these Spiderman Disney Ears?!

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 What are Disney Ears?

Disney Ears are headbands inspired by the famous Mickey Mouse ear symbol we all know and love, and are a great accessory for every Disney lover, with so many handy uses. They've become more and more popular over time, gathering a diehard following of Disney Ears fans who collect every new release and limited edition pair!

With so many styles to choose from, you can feel like you are at your favourite Disney Park everyday! They're a clever way to elevate a normal non-Disney outfit into an individual costume - all you need to do is open your dressing up box, and pick out a dress from your wardrobe. Easy, convenient and adorable! 

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 Where can I buy Disney Ears from?

The best place to buy official, high quality Disney Ears is Disney Store* - with free delivery on orders over £50, you could treat yourself and the kids to a couple of gorgeous pairs for your upcoming festivities with free delivery thrown in! Delivery from Disney Store is reliable, and you can find out more about delivery options here.

What types of Disney Ears can I buy?

We're blown away with the variety of Disney Ears we've spotted browsing Disney Store - there's something for everyone. Our favourites include;

And so much more! The Disney Store Disney Ears collection is always being updated with new styles and designs, and they never fail to tempt us into buying a spectacular new pair - it's always handy to have a cool pair Disney Ears to choose from for last minute fancy dress days at work and school, emergency Halloween costumes, and even World Book Day as there's lots of Disney books you can take inspiration from.


From glittery and glamorous to dark and mysterious, with plenty of characters and franchises inbetween, you'll be spoiled for choice with the selection of Disney Ears at Disney Store. We love them all, which is why we have so many Disney Ears of our own stashed away already!


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