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Travelling With a Toddler

There’s nothing better than a few days away.

A relaxing break for the whole family. But how do you make it work when you have an energetic toddler who can throw a tantrum at the drop of the hat? 

Plenty of parents will tell you horror stories of screaming toddlers on planes and not-very-chilled weeks spent chasing their little one round the swimming pool. But your fun holiday days are not over, you just need a little more planning (and slightly lower expectations) for a smoother trip. 

When to travel 

Try and avoid booking a holiday when you’re doing any big transitions like moving to a big bed (link) or potty training (link). It’ll make the holiday about a million times more stressful. You still have the luxury of avoiding the school holidays so skip the long queues and cramped airports and choose flights to suit your toddler’s routine. 

Where to go

It’s also a great age to explore what the UK has to offer but if you fancy something further afield make sure it’s toddler friendly. Things to look out for are beaches with shallow water, moderate temperatures (too hot = cranky toddlers) and a closer to home destination to avoid long flights and multiple changes. 

What to take 

Once you get past the baby stage you should be able to ditch some of the kit (or check where you are going has it) but you’ll still have things you need for your toddler so what can you drop to make your luggage lighter? Chances are you won’t be sitting on the sun lounger and reading for hours so you can probably leave those books behind *sob*. 

Get yourself a travel/plane kit packed full of toys and treats to keep them occupied. You can even pick up premade ones. And make sure you’ve got nappies/pull ups and a change of clothes. 

Expect fun, not perfection

Holidays with kids are a very different holiday experience and you’ll have a much better time if you lower your expectations. Forget perfection, there will be meltdowns (probably yours), the odd sleepless night and less laying around then you’ve been used to but if you aim for fun then you can have an amazing time making memories. 

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Q: What’s your top tip for travelling with a toddler?

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