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Top Personalised Christmas Eve Boxes – Etsy Find Of The Day

by Bethany Collings

Christmas is coming and the rise of American traditions is slowing weighing in on the British public and the rest of Europe. Not only have we adopted Black Friday and Elf On A Shelf – we are beginning to take a curious interest in Christmas Eve Boxes.

I love Christmas time. The tree prepping, the wrapping and the whole mood that Christmas brings to every home.

After noticing a rise in questions relating to Christmas Eve boxes, it got us thinking on what type of boxes are out there to brighten different homes this year.

But… Is it best to buy or build?

Plain Wooden Box

If you’re feeling creative or have a fab idea, this is only £14.99!

This is available here.

Personalised Red Box

This box is simple, elegant and only £15.00!

This is available here.

Large Reindeer Box

Personally my favourite.

Scrapping individual boxes if you have a large family, just £49.99!

This is available here.

Large Personalised House Box

Handmade, decorated by hand and not too bad a price – £110.00!

This is available here.

What is commonly found in Christmas Eve boxes?

  • A family board game to play in the evening
  • A set of Christmassy pyjamas
  • Some hot chocolate and marshmellows with festive cup/mug
  • A Christmas film, festive book or colouring book
  • Some Christmassy sweets, chocolate like coins and candy canes
  • Magic Santa key
  • Santa’s mince pie and carrot plate
  • Possibly a personal letter from Father Christmas

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