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Baby Poo – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

by Bump, Baby & You

Baby poo often sends new parents into a tizz! What SHOULD a baby’s poo smell and look like?!?!

Here is our guide to help you; please always see a doctor if you are worried.


Your baby’s first poop is known as MECONIUM. It will look like tar or motor oil… black, sticky and yuck! After a few days, your baby’s poo will begin to look more consistent.


Dijon mustard yellow/green, creamy/mushy. May look ‘seedy’. Often smells sweet!

Formula Fed

Yellow/brown, like peanut butter. Smells more pungent than breastfed poop!

Uh oh. My baby’s poo is…


This is a sign of a lack of bile, the enzyme needed to digest food. See a doctor ASAP.

Bright yellow

Yellow is considered normal.

Bright green

Are you feeding your baby green vegetables, or offering an iron supplement? This can often cause bright green poo. If your baby is showing any worrying symptoms too, it’s best to speak to your Health Visitor or GP.

Repetitive explosive green poo is a sign of a milk allergy/intolerance; mention to your doctor or paediatrician.


See a doctor, to ensure that this isn’t caused by old blood. Sometimes bugs or allergies can cause this.


Teething, being poorly and allergies can all cause mucusy poop. See your doctor if baby has a temperature or seems unwell.


Have you been feeding your baby red foods recently? This can cause red or red-tinged poop. If not, then this can be a a sign of bleeding further down in the digestive tract; constipation and allergies can be responsible. If accompanied by lots of mucus, it could be a sign of an infection so see a doctor.


Orange is considered on the normal ‘spectrum’ for baby poop!

This is a useful infographic to save on your mobile device for quick reference during nappy changes!

My baby’s poo is very solid, almost like pebbles.

This is a sign of constipation. Please don’t give water (especially if you’re breastfeeding) no matter how many people tell you to, without seeing a doctor first, just in case there’s something not related to hydration causing the constipation such as an allergy.

My baby’s poo is extremely runny…

If your baby has 6 or more instances of diarrhoea in 24 hours, see a doctor.

Be aware that…

  • Switching from breast to formula will change your baby’s poo.
  • Weaning will change your baby’s poo… it’ll become more like an adult poop in smell especially!

I hope that this has helped our new parents!

Love from Katie. Xx

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