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Communication After Baby

by Bump, Baby & You

Written by Alannah McClurg for her Instagram blog, Just A Mum.

You spend 9-ish months preparing for a new life to enter yours, to change you, mould and morph you into a parent. Once that baby is here though, you’re caught in a parental whirlwind and time truly flies. One minute you’re holding your son or daughter for the first time, the next you’re feeling suffocated and touched out, hating your partner and their useless nipples (well only sometimes). Parenthood is crazy! All the emotions you feel in a day, the exhaustion of running after a baby and catering to their every need and trying to find out why the f+@& they are crying- you are allowed to feel rubbish sometimes!

It’s so easy to neglect your relationship with your other half, because when you do get a moment together you’re tired, sweaty and grumpy.

Yes you love one another and yes you want to be with them, but you need to make a conscious act of spending time with them, whether that’s first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, you are both responsible for the well-being of your relationship. So many parents struggle with their companionship and fall into a rut because they’re so busy being parents they forget to be themselves.

Proactively communicating with one another, explaining your feelings and wearing your heart on your sleeve changes the dynamic from feeling stuck to saved so quickly.

Speaking from experience, without telling your partner that you’re feeling like absolute shit he WILL NOT KNOW!! As much as we wish we were all mind readers, we aren’t. You have enough to deal with without trying to work out why your partner is especially grumpy and irrational today, so for the love of your love, talk to one another. You aren’t as far apart as it seems .

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