Eight-Year-Old Sister Delivers Her New Baby Sister


One mother has taken to social media to share the moment her eight-year-old daughter welcomed her new sister into the world, after suffering three miscarriages prior.

Kelsey Davis is a mother of three from Gilbert, Arizona.

When Brooke, Kelsey’s eldest child, turned three-years-old, they found they were expecting baby number two. But, sadly, Kelsey and partner Stefan, lost the baby, leaving everyone hurt and devastated.

As the years went on, Kelsey unfortunately suffered two further miscarriages. These times they chose not to tell Brooke, to prevent upsetting her any further.

Thankfully, January 3rd, 2016 welcomed Ellie, their second daughter who Brooke bonded instantly! Brooke was present in the delivery room at the magical moment

Then, Kelsey found out that she was expecting her third child on Christmas Day. But Brooke wasn’t waiting for anyone and felt ready to take on the supporting role of  actually helping with the delivery rather than being an onlooker!

As they all anxiously waited for baby number three, her due date passed, and mum was induced on January 7th.

Brooke was not only a rock for her mother but a massive comfort. Massaging her feet, massaging her head and always checking she was comfortable.

When the time arrived, Brooke was there and stood at the foot of the bed as her mother pushed. She even felt the baby’s head as she crowned!

As a team, father and daughter placed their hands ready to meet their new baby.

When they placed Summer on Kelsey’s chest, she looked over to Brooke was in tears. When her mother asked if she was okay, through the tears she said, ‘Yes! She’s just so perfect!’.

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