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Mums Explain Their Reasons For Quick Name Changes

by Bethany Collings

Being pregnant is a fun experience, from the shopping to decorating and then to the dreaded name choosing. But thankfully there are some who make name choosing that little bit humorous!

When you fall in love with a name, that’s it. Isn’t it? Until someone has to go and ruin it for you.

They do this by picking up a small issue with the name, which, eagerly makes you change it before it’s too late.

We asked a couple of our mummies from our support group to share their stories. Asking them what made them change it and then sharing them for your entertainment below.

Lauren McSorley commented ‘I genuinely loved the name, Hank. My partner was dead set against it and I couldn’t work out why… until it dawned on me.. his surname is Martin… little too close to Hank Marvin‘.

Megan Denholm said ‘I was going to call my daughter Minnie but everyone was freaking out thinking about the future.  My mum said imagine she gets married to someone with the surname name Cooper then she will be called Minnie Cooper.

Amy Stacey admitted ‘I named my cat Rocco so that boyfriend wouldn’t name our son that as he loved the name and I hated it .

Katie Williams said ‘My partner liked natural names. He wanted to call our boy, Flint. But I just couldn’t do that to a child because all I could think of is when the police officer shouts ‘FLINT LOCKWOOD’ from Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. Luckily we had a little girl and we called her Ferne Ivy.

Laura Berry joked ‘I loved Harrison, but my partner’s surname is Potter. So he would have been called Harry Potter by everyone and as much as I’m a huge fan, it’s asking to be bullied  .’

Hannah Robinson commented ‘Ever since I was 15 [years old] my firstborn little boy was going to be Forrest. Fast forward to finding out we were having a little man and I was like yes! Forrest! But, my partner’s last name is Wood… you can’t call a baby Forrest Wood.

Georgia Louise Wright joked ‘I was going to call my daughter Blaire and then my mum said you can’t do that because she’ll be some sort of Witch  .’

Amy Hickman told the group ‘I loved the name Faye for a little girl but the surname is Kerr, just couldn’t do it lol safe to say Wayne was out of the question for our little boy  .

Dee-Anne Ferguson said ‘My friend always said that if she ever had a little boy she would call him Jack. She then fell in love and married her husband, her surname is now Russell. So as you can imagine Jack was out of the window  .

Emma Lloyd laughed ‘Not my kids, but my parents named me Emma Lloyd which sounds like Hemorrhoid  ‍♀️.

Leanne Long commented ‘From being young I was in love with the name Myles. Finally, I got pregnant after a long journey to conceive and I find out bubs is a boy. Then it crushingly dawns on me that my married name is Long  .

Jasmine Paton said ‘I was going to call my first daughter Annabelle but whilst I was pregnant that damn horror movie came out .’

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