Self Care – Remembering To Take Care Of You As a New Parent

Written by Joanna Johnston for her blog, Lily B and Me.

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 It can be so easy to forget about yourself when baby arrives. The lead up to baby’s arrival is filled with long baths, lie ins, relaxing. It’s all about mum.

Then BOOM. Baby is here, you haven’t washed you hair in a week and you’re drinking cold coffee after skipping breakfast for the third day in a row.
You start to wonder how all these #instamummies do it. Keep the house immaculate, keep the kids immaculate AND brush their hair?
Little secret…99% of people only post about the good days, so don’t feel bad for living in pj’s for the first few weeks ( or if like me, first few months) Want a more accurate picture? Try #motherhoodunfiltered
It’s very important , as a new mum ( or dad) to remember to take time to care for yourself and there are lots of little ways to make sure you are kept in top form.

Some of my self care rituals are these…

Water, water and more water! Lily, running a house, volunteer work and starting my own business keeps me super busy. I make sure to drink at least two litres of water every day.

This helps boosts my immune system, flushes out toxins and best of all, increases energy and relieves fatigue. Anything that can help increase my energy levels when I am running on 4 hours sleep is a must in my books. Green/fruit tea is another favourite for me. As it’s slightly sweeter I don’t crave chocolate as much when I have it.

Me time is important too. You can feel like you loose your whole identity when you become a parent.
I try to make a little time for the things I love, that help me relax. One of my favorite is bath-time.. I try to get a nice long ( well what I now consider long ) minute bath every week using my favorite Molton Brown Elder-flower Champagne bath soak. Even the smell of this can make my shoulders untense, and its full of golden glitter too! Accompanied with some Molton Brown Ginger Lily candles makes bath-time fit for a goddess.

Now this you may be skeptical of, but for me it works. I recently came across this beautiful dusty pink Druzy Crystal pendant by Equilibrium in our local dependent store. The description states that wearing Druzy crsystal can promote relaxation and stress relief. It can also enhance the immune system and promote creativity. As a serial worrier I am open to try anything that can help me in this department, so I treated myself to the necklace. It helps that its super pretty too.

Call it a natural remedy, or the placebo effect if you like, but I do notice a difference since I state wearing it and it’s something I’m keen to explore more of.

Most important of all , talk! Even if it’s only a text to a friend while baby naps, make sure to have some adult contact. I found that for my own sanity, this was a must. Mum and baby groups are amazing, once you feel up for getting out of the house. Check out or mum friends blog for great ways to meet other mums in your area.

You have just experienced one of the most beautiful things a person can in life, but don’t forget that you are just as important as baby and need to look yourself too!


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