But it’s our life too!

Written by Bethany Dempsey for her Facebook blog, BD Blogs!

“But it’s our life too…?”

The selfish sound of me trying to justify going to Disneyland Paris…. Without Oscar.

Here’s the thing: I know all too well that “Once you have a baby, it’s not about you any more!”

Trust me, I know that when I go for a shit and there’s a little person demanding to play in the bathroom with me.
I know it when doing a cleaning job instead of filling my full potential, just because the hours fit perfectly for childcare.

I know it’s all about Oscar now. Oscar is the be all and end all of our lives.
That being said, it doesn’t mean that as parents and a couple we can’t put ourselves first sometimes.

I’ve done a few holidays now with Oscar, and I’ve truly learnt that a holiday with a baby is not a real holiday at all…

There’s no after-pool nap; there’s no staying out til god knows what time, getting pissed off the shitty all inclusive bar; no having embarrassingly loud sex with your balcony door open (just kidding, to all my family reading this…)

And if I’m honest, I knew that’s what I’d signed up for, and Oscar outweighs all that with love, happiness, blah blah blah…

But as boyfriend and girlfriend, we didn’t fall in love pairing socks and comparing the prices of Sudocrem and Bepanthen – so how can we stay in love doing only that?

Parenting and a relationship go hand in hand, of course… But they are still separate, and that means nurturing your relationship: fun theme park trips, a weekend away… Maybe even just a trip to the supermarket with a handbag instead of a change bag.
Minus the mom guilt! 

A good relationship makes a good mommy and daddy. 

So for those who aren’t sure whether to get a babysitter… Hell, do it!
Do it once… Do it again… Do it until you feel like normal functioning humans again.
Do it until you feel like the couple you were when you made that baby!
And I guarantee you, a good nights sleep (or lack of sleep for something other than a baby who’s dropped his dummy!) will make you even better parents.

Special thanks to editor and badass Rebecca Wright