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Thank You To My ‘Village’

by Bump, Baby & You

They say it takes a village to raise a kid,

and they were spot on, hit the nail on the head.

It took me a while to see the light,

I refused all help instead…


Days went by, weeks flew on,

I remained stubborn & proud.

My reserves depleted, I found myself defeated,

I ran myself into the ground.


The helping hand was still outstretched…

This time, I grasped it.

The village, it really exists, a network of love,

they built me back up, bit by bit.


They sat me down and talked me around,

I bit the bullet and came clean,

Sleep, feeding, colic, reflux…

New parenthood really wasn’t the ‘dream’.


So me & my army of villagers worked so hard,

to find the answers we needed.

We tackled my areas of worry as a team,

and I’m elated to say, WE SUCCEEDED!


So, thank you to my village,

For having our backs and being there.

We will forever be heartened & grateful,

for all your nurturing and care.


It really does take a village.

The best support network there is…

It really does take a village,

To happily raise a kid.


Katie Hall

I happily credit my ‘village’, consisting of my parents, parents in law, aunts, uncles, friends and our private support group with getting me & Toby through the first part of new parenthood; it was tough, for many reasons, and without the help and support we received I don’t know where we’d be right now.

With the help of our village, we finally found our feet, and we implore all new parents to NOT be afraid to reach out for help and accept offers of support. It’s so valuable, especially in the early days, and it does not make you a failure to accept support.

Love from Katie. Xx

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