World Down Syndrome Day 2018

Today is World Down Syndrome Day!

The aim of this wonderful day is to raise awareness of this condition, break the residual stigma surrounding Down Syndrome, and to celebrate the Down Syndrome community.

What is Down Syndrome?

Also known as Down’s Syndrome and trisomy 21, this condition is genetic and caused by an extra chromosome.

It affects each individual differently, kind of like a spectrum – there is so much support out there for families who have a child with Down Syndrome to enable them to have a fulfilling, happy and fun life, and beyond into adulthood.

There are associated health conditions that are known comorbidities; not every child with Down Syndrome will have these health issues and they’re generally picked up on very early on.

You can learn more about Down Syndrome here!

Some of the fabulous mummies from our private Facebook group have shared their beautiful babies with us…

Kat Huggins has shared her gorgeous son Harry!


Kellie Larner-Hart has shared her beautiful neice with us, and she was one of the children in the viral carpool karaoke video; you can see it here!


Happy World Down Syndrome day to all the inspirational parents, care givers, medical professionals and of course, the Down Syndrome community. You’re all marvellous!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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