Thank Goodness For Turkey Dinosaurs!

Written by Jenna Deacon for her Facebook blog, The Tale of The Twins & The Terrible Two – Stay At Home Mum Blog!

Anybody else get weirdly jealous when they make their kids these (cover image) for dinner? I’m putting it down to being young at heart, reliving my youth or some kind or strange psychological connection to my past.

Now hold up, I can picture all your faces as I write this… yes, I feed my kids this s**t sometimes. Yes, I know it probably contains lip & arse! And for those of you that are looking at your screens in horror… I was once you.

Rewind 15 months, I would’ve been pulling the exact same face! My son had never eaten a McDonald’s, consumed processed food & I certainly didn’t know who Bernard f**king Matthew was. My freezer had never seen a potato waffle, fish finger or even a FROZEN VEGETABLE. I was the stereotypical first time mum who was doing it all ‘properly’… only ever fresh & steamed where applicable.

Well at – least up until he was 18 months of age. It seems the buy one get one free offer beat me (the twin type – not the Tesco freezer aisle kind). It all changed when they arrived & turns out I’m quite partial to Bernard now! 

My way of thinking has had to change. On occasions I have to adapt, I can’t fit everything into one day like I used to. I have three to dress, feed, bath, change & clear up after… it’s not always possible to have a fun day out as well as a ‘proper’ home cooked meal like it used to be. So now I just figure ‘you know what I probably ate this everyday for school dinner’ – along with the turkey twizzlers & all the other s**t they fed us in those days. I’m still alive & I’m not obese.

I took the kids on a 4 mile walk today (inclusive of a park visit – swing pushing, countless slide climbs, general toddler chasing x3) & pushed all three of them on my well adapted twin stroller pretty much the entire way. Nowadays there just aren’t enough hours for adventure & preparing freshly cooked produce from scratch.

So yes, in conclusion… tonight I was shattered & quite frankly couldn’t be f**king arsed! I’ll take oath to be Delia for the rest of the week!

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