The Most Bizarre Gender Reveal Ever…

Gender reveals… the perfect opportunity to be creative!

We’ve seen cake cutting, balloons popping, fireworks exploding, coloured smoke billowing, and more recently we’ve seen people smashing dyed hollow eggs on their heads until the full egg is discovered, the colour indicating the gender.

Weird, wonderful and delightfully quirky.

However, have we seen a 10 foot alligator wound up and made to pop a filled balloon revealing the gender…?

Nope. Well, not until now.

The man doing the wrestling is Mike Kliebert – he and the pregnant mama, Rebecca Miller are actually professional alligator handlers in Louisiana, USA. Mike owns a 23-acre tourist attraction that is home to a whopping 300 alligators.

The alligator in the video is 61 year old Sally. She is highly trained and responds to her name, can understand colour signals and basic verbal commands!

Mike has stated; “We wanted to incorporate the alligators, who are like family, into this big moment in our lives,” he told  “I wouldn’t have had any other gator do the reveal; my grandpa hatched her in 1957.”

Unique, but definitely not advisable from a safety and animal welfare perspective…

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Love from Katie. Xx

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