The Shettles Method: Fact or Fad?

If you’re TTC (trying to conceive) and are wanting to sway conception towards a specific gender, the Shettles method may be right up your street.

Here’s our brief guide!

What does it entail?

Shettles is based on the concept that if sex is timed in a certain way, it can increase the chances of a sperm containing your desired chromosome (X or Y) reaching your egg. Shettles claims that the closer to ovulation you have sexy time, the higher the chances that you will have a boy. This is because he claims male sperm are ‘faster’ than female sperm, and will likely reach the egg first. Conceiving a girl, according to Shettles, would mean having sex only 2-4 days before ovulation and then abstaining.

You’ll need to track your ovulation closely if you plan to try the Shettles method!

Is it a reliable method?

Arguably, no. Studies have actually since found that there is no difference in speed between X sperm and Y sperm. However, lots of couples claim that it worked for them… likely a coincidence but it is worth a try, in any case.

Are there any cons of this method?

If you prefer to take a more relaxed approach to TTC, you may not like having to plan sex… it can get monotonous and come on, there’s nothing like the thrill of spontaneous nookie!

Lots of people also find the concept of trying to choose a gender unethical – this is purely down to individual opinion.

Tell me about your experience using the Shettles Method, and your opinion of it in the comments!

Love from Katie. Xx

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