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A Birthday In The Clouds

by Bump, Baby & You

A Birthday in the Clouds

Today, somewhere way up high,

On a wonderful cloud up in the sky,

Sits a great big chocolate birthday cake,

Iced with the words; Happy Birthday Blake!


Balloons of blue and streamers of white

Float merrily in the bright sunlight.

Family & friends sing, you grin with joy,

because it’s your birthday, gorgeous boy.


You peer down to earth from your comfortable cloud,

You watch your mummy, she’s sad yet so very proud.

We all light a candle for you my dear,

and wish more than anything that you were here.


Your tiny feet left footprints that can never be washed away,

and I promise that there will come a day,

where we can all join you and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ joyfully & loud,

At your Birthday party on your cloud.


For Blake, love from Katie & the team at BBY. Xx



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