Pregnancy Announcement Ideas You’ll Love

Are you nearing the time when you’d like to tell friends and family you’ve got a baby on the way? Looking for ideas for how to announce your first pregnancy or to let people know that your existing child or children are about to gain a sibling? Look no further! Today we’re bringing you some of the latest pregnancy announcement trends, sharing some heart-warming and funny pregnancy announcement photos from our lovely Bump, Baby & You community and talking props you could use to spare your special news.

Cute, Sentimental or Cheeky? Which Direction Will You Take?

We let our dog make the announcement for us with a simple snap of her curled round our first scan photo. If Ruby, our border terrier-jack Russell cross knew then how much of an impact the new arrival would have on her life, I’m not so sure she would have been such a willing participant in our ‘cute’ pet themed pregnancy announcement.

Involving pets in baby announcements is a trend that’s very much here to stay and we’ve got some fantastic examples in our baby announcement slideshow, made up of gorgeous photos from the Bump community.

While my boyfriend and I opted for a low-key cute announcement, I loved the bun in the oven themed video our friends made when they were expecting – this was a particularly apt pregnancy announcement as Daddy is a baker! If you’d like to introduce a little humour, could you play on either of your professions as part of the announcement?

At Bump, we love seeing everyone’s pregnancy announcements in group – it’s particularly lovely to see a pregnancy announcement when someone has been TTC for some time or has a little rainbow on the way. And the framing of these announcements can be incredibly heart-warming and personal.

Real-Life Pregnancy Announcement Photos

In preparation for this post, we asked our Mums and Dads to share with us how they announced that they had a little bundle or bundles on the way. We were absolutely blown away by just how creative they all were. There’s some fantastically arty, funny and super cute examples among the images. However, as a dog Mum, my favourite has to be the doggy reading about becoming a big brother. Soooo cute!

Pregnancy Reveal Props

In addition to a scan photo and maybe a cool caption or words borrowed from a poem or song, you might want to enlist some pregnancy props to help you break your good news. There’s some really cute and creative outfits for older siblings, pregnancy announcement tops for Mum or outfits for the whole family out there. Or you could keep things simple and traditional by photographing the perfect pair of booties.

Light boards and chalk boards can make for great announcement props, if you don’t have one already. You could wrap up that pregnancy test if you hung onto it too. Or, if you’d like to use something a little out of the ordinary as a visual cue or to give a hint about your news you could lookout for or make:

  • Balloons with your news on the side or note inside
  • Onesies and t-shirts for older brothers and sisters
  • Cookies or cakes with an iced message to your partner, grandparents or friends
  • More of a savoury type? Could you top a pizza or pie with your message?
  • Ornaments
  • Cards or scratch cards saying; ‘you’re going to be a Dad/Grandparents/Aunty’
  • Pregnancy reveal jigsaws

Do you have a set of matching shoes you all wear or cups you all use? Photographing them in a row with a new addition will hint at what’s to come.

Pregnancy Reveal Shoots

We loved hearing about our reader’s Christmas conception stories and festive announcements while researching No Sex Please, It’s Christmas. It was also lovely to see some seasonally themed pregnancy reveals from our members, including this cute ornament and Santa Baby t-shirt prop.

Could you theme your pregnancy announcement to coincide with a birthday, anniversary, or how about timing your announcement with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Halloween? Perhaps you could hold a mini shoot in a location that’s special to you. We’ve seen super cute snaps of couples sharing their news in Disney World or maybe you have a trip to Harry Potter Studios planned. We loved this photo from one couple who announced their news on the already very magical day of their wedding.

A pregnancy announcement is special however it’s made, but it can often feel extra special when you connect it to your story. Whether you’re approaching parenthood as a couple or a single parent, commemorating the journey is something parents are increasingly choosing to do in creative and unique ways.

Do you have a fun pregnancy announcement planned? Perhaps you’ll be keeping mum until baby arrives? We’d love to hear your thoughts on pregnancy announcements – so comment and let us know how you did it or hope to do it below.